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Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
Are there any AAA Nintendo-developed games for the Wii U on the horizon, i.e. this winter? Pikmin 3 is nice but I'm really surprised that we're not hearing much about the huge 1st-party titles that Nintendo usually launches its systems with.
At first I was interested in the Metro 2033 sequel but now I recently found out it won't be on the Wii U at all. Bummer. Of course that isn't even 1st party so whatever. But so far I'm still really looking forward to Pikmin 3 and that racing game, Dirt. I honestly don't care about Arkham Asylam. I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo will give me a new Star Fox in the foreseeable future.

I'm not complaining if there is no Mario launch. I'm burnt out on Mario. They should give some of their other titles some love. But I did here there is going to be a new Mario racer. Not sure if its going to be a launch title or not.

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