Upgrade 3DS XL or keep old 3DS?


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Nov 16, 2015
Game Boy Advance SP
So I have the original 3ds that came out in 2011. I just started to get back into playing and I feel like this almost 5 year system needs to be upgraded. Although, I believe the nx will come out November 2016 and will presumably have a mobile unit with it. Should I stick to what have? Or should I upgrade to 3ds XL or new 3ds XL
Treat yourself and upgrade! If there's a new handheld next year, you'll have the joy of upgrading again. :D
The thing is, I've asked other people and 80% says stick with the old 3ds it's just as good and I'm not sure I want to pay for another one. How much is it?
i went from squinting and almost dizzy to being able to play in 3d (somewhat) all the time. Majora's Mask is beautiful. Depends on how much you play 3ds i suppose. I love mine, and all the games for it.
I definitely love the New Nintendo 3ds. The processing power, the faster speed, the super stable 3d makes it much more better plus I like the extra buttons and control stick.

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