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Oct 1, 2017

I'm hoping someone can help me understand the Switch:s user settings.
We have had lots of fun with the WiiU, and now we have a Switch.
Hope someone can help!

1.On the WiiU there is user selection loggning in. I can therefore have a password (my Nintendo Network ID) for my account. = no kids access. Can I have this on the Switch?

2.I have two kids playing on the Switch besides myself. How do I block access between users? So one kid does'nt overwrite the other ones save files?

Help much appreciated!

I don't know much about specifics, but you can enable a parental controls feature on the Switch. There is a seperate mobile app with many features to use and only a tiny few features if you don't use the app. With the mobile app you can wirelessly lock the Switch, block certain bad content your kids might see, set play timers for the amount of play they can have for the day, etc. and without the app and only setting it up on the Switch, you have only a small amount of features like blocking a certain rating of games so your kids can only play up to a certain rating. I'm not sure how to do either of what your asking about, but the only parental controls thing I know about is within the Switches user setting and you have the option to connect the mobile parental controls app from Nintendo as well, which has far more features then if you just used the Switch and never connected the app with a smartphone you have the app set up on.

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