Using N64 ROM Devices

Are you for or against the use of ROM devices?

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Mar 27, 2013
Hello everyone. I've come here to ask about this forum's community's experience when it comes to using ROM devices such as the NEO Myth Cart or Doctor V64. If you have used one, do you find the price of the device to be worth it? Does it make much of a difference being able to have all of your games on one cartridge? I'm simply coming here hoping to have help in forming my own decision about them.
When it comes to classic gaming, I'm provisionally in favor of emulation. Of course, especially in the case of Nintendo, there are times they bring old licenses out of retirement and I think it would go a long way for the emulation community to take those games out of circulation at that point. But so long as we're talking about games that no longer have sales relevance, I don't have any ethical quandry with it.
Man, I love emulation, it is like my second love after gaming.
I think for me its more about getting the games I loved and have loved playing working on all sorts of hardware that isn't supposed to run them.

Like mobile phones and home consoles.

A really good phone I have run ROMS and emulators on has been the XPERIA play from Sony. It has a dedicated 3D GPU as well as a 1Ghz processor (not dual though), as well as dedicated gaming controls including shoulder buttons! It emulates all the consoles upto PS1 & N64 quite well.
Haha. I did some stuff and things to my xbox that would've made Microsoft split their top. A certain plumber may or may not have had his early titles running alongside Halo from a 500 gig HD with a linux distro and protoeffective web browser. Was a slick media machine too, but I just really loved being able to play my NES and SNES classics ont he big screen again fromt he comfort of my easy chair. I didn't have a working old console at the time. The floating d-pad was kind of a problem for super precise games life fighters, but I'm not super into those anyway.
I'm in favor of ROMs and emulators because they have made the library a lot more easily available to everyone. It's hardly possible that anyone could have ever owned and played all of the games that came out back then and now since we have emulators, we get to discover a lot of those games that we missed out on without having to purchase an authentic console and cartridges.
Definitely for it, simply for the fact that you don't gotta worry about data loss aka a save battery dying on you when you're at the very end of a game. :)
I think it depends on who you are asking. some people get dinosaur gaming systems to travel back in time to the days of their youth and remember those days while others just want the game. having the cartridge is different from just playing the game. If it were last resort I would go with just having the rom devices but i feel its better to actually have the individual original game cartridge in your hand.
I love emulators, but because I have an N64 that I occasionally hook up and I already own all of my favorite games, I don't use one. I use one for a lot of the other consoles, but not for the N64.
I am against emulation, it is stealing which is illegal. I would much rather play the game on the system it is meant to be played for.

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