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Apr 29, 2020
I am new to using the Nintendo switch

It is registered to me and i think I'm the main account holder.

My daughter, has started to use the switch and she has a user account.

Yesterday I brought a single user switch online code, I applied it to the account.

What I wanted to do was link it up to Eloise so that she can play games with her friends?

Im not sure that I have done that as every time i try to do anything with Eloise it says ‘link to Nintendo account’

Ive tried to link it to my account which I'm thinking this is what it is asking me to do?? but it won’t continue when i try to approve it to send it?

Is this what should happen when it says link to account?

Have i applied the switch online to my daughter?

Do I need to buy a family account??or is it linked to my daughters account which is what i was trying to do??

Thank you
@yumzone The short/easy fix would probably be to buy the family account. I just went through this same crap after i bought Animal Crossing, and tried to add my daughter then my wife to the game/account. (The Switch is registered to me, they never really played until AC came out.)

Here is Nintendo's info on the accounts and whatnot.

Also, does Eloise have her own Nintendo Network ID? This is another task you will have to accomplish for her to play with friends online.

I hope this helps, and please let us know what all you do to fix so maybe we can learn from it.

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