Very Specific Online Issue


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Oct 13, 2021
I have a regular switch purchased in April of 2020, and I've been having an oddly specific problem with connectivity. I'm a university student, but whenever I'm on campus the online portions of my games won't work. My switch is connected to wifi (I've tried it on the campus network and also with my phone hotspot), and it looks like it's going to connect until the very last second. However when I go back home or to a friend's place in another city, it works just fine. I've tried it here with Animal Crossing, Among Us, and Dead By Daylight and they all do the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem?
I've never had an online issue myself, but my sister does. Her switch for some reason will not connect to her home WiFi, doesn't matter how many times I've tried it just constantly says "could not verify WiFi's IP address" not sure why.
@cozylynxx this is very strange and no i haven't heard of this. So, if it only happens at university is it possible their wifi has some kind Web Sense or blocking program? Seems unlikely but i just don't know.

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