Vigilante: Changes to gameplay elements

Jack Lovejoy

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Hey guys, it is Jack here and I am going to consider some changes to the gameplay.

First, the X button is for slashing with your scythe and the Y button is for shooting dark balls of energy.

I know that games like DMC had no way of chaining the guns together with Sword combos. But that is what I am thinking of. You can perform combos with the dark balls and scythe slashes.

Say lets look at this combo:

The player will slash regularly when you press X, but he will blast a ball of darkness the minute you press Y. If you are fast enough, press X again and you will SLICE the ball. Press X again quickly to spin your scythe like a propeller in order to send the fragments of the ball flying towards the opponent.


Also, I will add a nifty new mechanic in the game, Knockback.

At the end of combos, you have the option of doing a combo finisher by pressing L and R at the same time. Once you do, you will be taken into button mashing, similarly like Bayonetta's climax and torture attacks.

An example of a combo finisher is after XYXX, the player will run up to an enemy and stab it with his scythe. He will start to dig deeper inside the enemy and then he will push him off his scythe, leaving the enemy wounded and knocking him back to other enemies that will take damage also.

You can also perform knockback attacks onto your projectiles like when you shoot a ball of darkness, you can press L and R at the ball to kick it. Once you kick the ball, it will fly faster to the target and has much more force and knockback.

How does this mechanic sound? I think I got the game to be pretty original in concept now.

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