Vigilante: Chapters

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Chapter 1:
Lucifer was the only demon who was born on Eilidh, which kinda sucked for him. Lucifer had to live on his own as demons were unwelcome and considered to be evil. His days of loneliness ended when an angel came up to his front door.

[Lucifer]: Uh, how may I help you?
[Angel]: Hello there, I am Esther. You must be Lucifer, the only demon born on Eilidh, right?
[Lucifer]: Why, yes. How did you know?
[Esther]: My father ordered me to look after you since you are a demon and demons on Eilidh usually meant a bad thing. But you don't look like a bad guy to me, so let's be the best of friends. (Smiles sweetly)
[Lucifer]: Well, I don't have the right to decline, so alright.
[Esther]: (Flicks his nose and giggles) Don't be like that, just be happy that I am with you.

Ever since the day Esther started living with him, he experienced happiness and joy from her kindness and she was the only thing like a family to him. However, everything changed ever since the festival disaster.

The goddess festival takes place every 1000 years and the priests and nuns would gather near the church and chant songs to the holy goddess that created this world. After the 30 minute chanting, a representative of the goddess shall sing the final and most beautiful song in history. This time, the representative was Esther, who went up on stage, but her song ended abruptly when the town started to burn in flames. Out of the fire came in marching soldiers with black uniforms. In the army of black soldiers, there was a devil dressed rather luxuriously with horns and pitch black eyes.

[Devil]: Good evening, Princess. It is quite a nice evening isn't it.
[Esther]: Astaroth, but how? I thought my father sealed you away.
[Astaroth]: (Laughs) How naive you are... My seal has already expired, its been 500 years now. (Shoots red lightning at her, causing her to scream in pain and bleed through her skin) Yes, more, more! That is the most beautiful sound I have heard in years.
[Esther]: (Starts to grunt instead of screaming)
[Astaroth]: (Slaps her) Come on now you stupid bitch! Keep screaming, it turns me on you know~ (Licks her blood and starts to touch her)
[Lucifer]: Stop! I will not allow you to touch her like that! (Holds out a scythe but Astaroth stabs him in the stomach with his tail)
[Astaroth]: Why don't you just be a good little boy and stay down. Huh? (Sees the wound regenerating and Lucifer's red eyes) So, you are a demon as well.
[Lucifer]: Damn right I am, let her go!
[Astaroth]: (Smiles darkly) If you want to be with her, why don't you join me then?
[Lucifer]: What?
[Astaroth]: Haven't the humans around you discriminated you? Have you ever wanted to get back at them. Or even better, murder them? You seem like a good man for my invasion, so how is this offer?
[Lucifer]: Why the hell would you think I would want to join you? (Slashes at him with his scythe but gets knocked back really hard and crashes into the flaming debris of the house, burning him alive.
[Astaroth]: Now, I am afraid it is time to leave. (Flies off with Esther in his hands)

Lucifer gets back up to chase after Astaroth, but he has to fight through the demon soldiers raiding in the town. After he does so, he gets out of town, the ground started to shake and Lucifer took the priest outside of the church before it could fall apart on them. Out in the distance, pillars started to thrust out of the ground and a castle rose from the magma coming from the earth. The dark aura emitting from the castle spread all over the world and clouds started to shroud the skies.

Suddenly, a hologram of Esther appeared in front of Lucifer, with a rather sullen look on her face.

[Esther]: Hi Lucifer...
[Lucifer]: Esther, I thought I could never see you again. (Sighs in relief)
[Esther]: Glad to hear it, but I have to say this quick, I made this hologram out of the remaining power I have to communicate to you. Lucifer, Astaroth is a pseudo god who was banished to the depths of hell over 3 million years ago and he has risen his kingdom of hell take over Eilidh in his hands. He is using my power to make his kingdom rise and if the kingdom rises any higher, he may reach the status of a true god and he will wipe out all existence in this world.
[Lucifer]: So what should I do?
[Esther]: Astaroth has set up a barrier around his flying kingdom, so no intruders can get in. You must gather all the guardian stones scattered around Eilidh in order to disable the shield. Please Lucifer, hurry! You don't have much time! (Hologram vanishes)

So Lucifer sets off to go find the guardian stones by going into different areas where he sees the demons are populating at.
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Cool beginning ^^ I like Alice and Wonder, The Looking Glass Wars and other spinoffs of the conept. I'll be reading :D


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The part with the head being cut off and blood gushing from his neck would definitely be M rated content.


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Well I think that it is a cool story, but some of it still seems a bit violent, especially for a Disney spin-off.