Vigilante: New weapon, Double Scythes

Jack Lovejoy

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Hey guys, I have decided to get rid of the chains since the chains idea is already used by link's hookshot and Kratos's Chain blades. So I have been trying to find a weapon that would give Jack an iconic view along with his velvet scarf and his fedora (Yes, I am giving him a black checkered fedora that looks like Riley's fedora from pokemon diamond and pearl). I am not searching for a sword because come on, how many seconds does it take for a person to think of a hero to say "Oh, let's use a sword, the most common, basic, and overused weapon in games". But I finally found the weapon to put this research to rest.

I am giving Jack two scythes to wield in each of his hands. It is kind of like the dual blades with Kirito from Sword Art Online, but except it is with scythes. Now to think of how Jack will get these weapons....

Anyway, to all of you people who read the article saying that the weapons are made of blood, the scythes will not be made out of blood, but simply his attacks will be made out of his blood or even cost blood.

For melee combat attacks, they are weaker than scythe attacks, but they are quicker and you have more agility to dodge since you are not carrying scythes in your hands. But for Scythe attacks, your attacks are much more powerful and you have a lot of range, but at the cost of being a bit slow and it costs blood (HP) to use. Does this balance out the attacks? I want to make the melee and scythe combat equal.

So how do you like the Scythe concept? Please think of it below in the comments


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Scythe is okay, but can we get even more creative? How about a pole with two burning evil spirits, one on each end? LOL.