Vigilante: Status Conditions

Jack Lovejoy

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California (Originally from Korea)
Bleeding: You are currently losing blood, thus you can't heal your hp until a few seconds pass to regenerate the wound.

Blindness: You can't see anything on the screen, thus you have to wait a few seconds. This is mostly caused by an enemy ripping your eyeballs out. The eye regenerates faster since it is such a small organ.

Bone Fracture: Your bones have been smashed by an enemy with large weapons like a hammer or an axe. You are unable to move until your bones regenerate.

Plague: You have contracted a disease that kills your body cells and it will kill you instantly in a set amount of time. Hurry to the end of the level, there is no way to cure this!

Curse: You have completely lost your healing factor and you cannot regenerate naturally anymore. This lasts for long amount of time (15 seconds)

Impalement: You are stabbed and you need time to regenerate. This cuts your attack power in half.

Liquification: Your flesh is starting to melt, thus you take more damage than usual.

Dizzy: Your movements are reversed.