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Jul 4, 2023
Update: problem soolved i think! Don't know how to delete this thread

i there, I am the mom of a happy 10 yr old kid who loves his new Nintendo to play Fortnite. He saved up for a nice headset so he can join the voice chats with his friends. Unfortunately we don't seem to get it working. We have googled, watched youtubes, read instructions, went to a game store for advice and played around wih all kinds of settings to no avail. We seem t be stuck with one setting that we do not kno where to alter. When in Fortnite > Voice Chat it keeps saying "You cannot use voice chat due to your console's privacy settings'. I am using parental control and have allowed his account to share with Epic Games. anybody any ideas? please be as precise as you can get with instructions, since I do not play and I need to google al the gameing stuff ;-) Thanks a million!
ps: sound is working fine, just the mic / voice is not working. Its a quality headset by the way
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I had a similar problem, could you share with me how you solved this problem?

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