Wahoo! Super Mario Style

I don't know why but this song annoys me :p
It might be Mario's voice. He would be a horrible singer :D
This is so annoying. I love the part about Luigi. Mamma mia.
Haha, Mario sucks as a singer, he should stick with plumbing! xD
However, I do think that the lyrics are clever and I like the background beat with the Mario sounds added in, it's a little entertaining.
My husband thought it was funny and I have a friend that I'm going to have to pass this on to because he loves these type of things.
Yeah, this is pretty bad. Almost unlistenable... Ugh
They lyrics are totally Bob-omb! xD And I don't get the flak the singing is getting. It is pretty faithful to Mario.

The dance moves could have been synced with the actual dance moves from the song though, and the animations could be made a bit more fluid. Other than that, thumbs up all the way! :D

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