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Apr 3, 2014
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As Mario games are, there isn't a whole lot of Waluigi besides Mario tennis, kart, etc. Waluigi happens to personally be my favorite character. My question is this, do you ever think Waluigi will get his own game? Wario has had stand-alone titles in the past and even Luigi has gotten some. I personally think that Nintendo could, and should make one. It'd have to be pretty unique though. What are your thoughts on this?
oh good i thought i was the only one. i think wario should get captured by pirates or something, and Waluigi could save him. i love him, i think he's got tons of character (possibly). i was very upset he's not in MK 7.
I don't think I have even seen the character yet. I never played Mario tennis; and have not played much of Kart. In general though, I think the franchise could use some new characters.
I'd like a separate game with Waluigi as the protagonist. Would be awesome play surely! :)

I love his voice, and how it annoys other players when we're playing MK and MP :D
Yeah I think a game with WL would be cool. He seems so cool and his voice is so weird. I hope that Nintendo thinks about really giving him his own game. I guess they would only do it if the character seems to be liked by a lot of Nintendo gamers.
He's not in Mario Kart 7? Ugh I really wanted to play as him and annoy the crap out of everyone else. Why not take out Dry Bones or something?
have y'all seen this guy cut up in Mario Golf 3ds? he's hilarious! i guess he's supposed to be a ballroom dancer romeo type, something. I dig it
I've always thought that the villainous, moustache-twirling Bizarro dopplegänger of Luigi to complement that villainous, moustache-twirling Bizarro dopplegänger of Mario named Wario would have been named Γuigi, following the motif of turning the first letter upside down.

However, it's one thing to replace the 'L' with a 'Γ' (the latter being the uppercase version of the Greek character gamma) when writing down such a name--pronouncing it would be quite another matter! Someone versed in Greek would have to clarify the matter!

For that reason, it's for the best that they went with the somewhat odd name of Waluigi instead! ;)
But aren't Waluigi and Wario supposed to be creepy? Being the villainous, moustache-twirling Bizarro dopplegänger versions of the more charming, good natured Mario Bros heroes?

Come to think of it, I think that sleazy is a better word than creepy for Wario and Waluigi--but that's a minor and subjective distinction.

Wario and Waluigi exude a sleazy vaudevillian diabolicism derivative of Snidely Whiplash, which is absolutely perfect for the villainous inversions of the virtuous Mario Bros! Nintendo did a fantastic job designing the pair!
That's a good question. He would have to have is own style. It couldnt be a platformer or a puzzle game, people would just consider them to be rip off and re-hashes of old games. I would like to see a back story game, it would take place during Mario Party 3, and you would be him taking all of the stars you rescue as Mario. I think a anti-hero, or just straight villain, something to give it its own feel and definition would be good.
Now I know I know hes not mainstream for the hell of things he wasnt even in any wario games just a support character in party games and im not saying off the boat throw a hard copy out there...

Fistly introduce a Eshop title of Waluigi the character doesn't even have a back story which can be accomplished by that and if sales do show profit maybe make a 3d waluigi game something like 3d mario world but a darker side of things

from what we know now of Waluigi is ...nothing , but I do know he can be a compelling character if Nintendo gave him a push in the right direction
I just don't know if it would catch on..

I think what we need is another Wario Land and have a section where you play as Waluigi and then MAYBE we can go into that direction.

i'd buy it. maybe Daisy gets captured and he rescues her or something.
I think a Waluigi stand-alone game would be great. I agree that Nintendo should develop his character more. However, I am not too sure how well a stand-alone Waluigi game would do. Maybe if there was a RPG featuring solely Wario and Waluigi first, then a stand-alone Waluigi game would do well.
Why would Waluigi rescue Daisy? He's in a gay relationship with Wario.
^im not going THERE, but i say Daisy because she needs to get into something other than sports/race games.

i love the idea of using the Mario/Luigi rpg formula, just using Wario and Waluigi. i also was hoping Waluigi would've made his way into Smash Bros. i could see him busting butts using a tennis racket or golf club

he's full of character, when i use him on Mario Golf World Tour, he does all these theatrics according to how good of a shot i make. he also never shuts up. Guess i just find him hilarious
As someone pointed out before I do not really think that a game like a waluigi game would really catch on with the fans of Nintendo some people would buy it I have to admit but I just do not think that there is so much of an audience that it would make them enough money.
You know how game companies try to branch out into different genres for their side characters? You know, like, Wario got the microgames, Shadow the Hedgehog got the GTA-like absolute masterpiece that was his eponymous game, and what not?

Well, if they could give Waluigi his own branch in the Nintendo gaming sphere, then I think it could be plausible. Otherwise, Waluigi is one of the lesser known characters in the Mario universe, and if he was just implemented into the core franchises, I don't think it would gel very well with the fanbase or the makers of the game.

All that's left to do is find a genre that just shouts Waluigi. Evil mustache twirling, maybe? :D

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