Was the original Game Boy your first handheld?


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May 7, 2014
It was my first handheld. I remember playing Pokemon Blue version with all my friends as a kid lol. I didn't have many other Game Boy games, but Pokemon was enough for me. What about you?
It's kind of odd it was called Pokemon Blue Version, even though it wasn't for Game Boy Color.
Yes, my first Handheld console was a Game Boy.
I loved it and took it everywhere with me - to school, to friend's places, everywhere!

Whenever there was a moment, I would power it up and play some Darkwing Duck and Dr. Mario :D
Growing up, when all the kids around me toted Game Boys around, I must have been the only child playing with a Neo Geo pocket. I probably didn't know better then, and neither did the others, but they all would stop playing with their consoles and come to me, marveling about how different and better my Pocket was! Looking back, all of it does seem rather silly now.

So, to answer your question: no. My first handheld was the NeoGeo Pocket, but I did grab a Game Boy Colour later on.
My older brother was able the play the originals. My first gameboy was a gameboy color so I played Pokemon Gold/Silver.
I had the original Gameboy that came with Tetris. There was some shade of color, but for the most part it was black and white. But thank god I had one. It made commuting on the bus everyday easier during college.
The original, old, blocky-as-hell-colorblind Gameboy was my first and probably favorite handheld. From Super Mario Land, to Milons Secret Castle and everything in between I fell in love with handhelds due this. I took that thing everywhere with me - family trips, school, it was always in my backpack with spare batteries/changes of games for any time I was bored and had nobody paying attention to me.

Oh nostalgia.
Unfortunately, no. Two kids back when I was in high school were early adopters of the original Game Boy, watching them play made me really envious. I wanted to get one back then but instead I opted for a Sony Discman with the money that I had saved up. Several years later when the Game Boy Color came out, I bought that. Truth be told, I haven't played it much and don't have many games for it. But it's a cool handheld, fairly slick and a welcome upgrade to the original Game Boy.
My family had a GameBoy, but I barely ever played it. We had a Mario game (of which I only remember some pyramids) and Tetris, and I think that's about it.
Later on, I did pick up a GameBoy Color and later an Advance. Haven't owned a handheld since then.
My uncle, the youngest of my dad's siblings and who married when I was just a toddler, left his video-games in his bachelor room at my grandmother's house. Among them was an Atari Lynx, so a lot of the times we visited (almost every week) I'd have a go at it.
It was the GameBoy original, that huge block. My cousin had one so I played sometimes. The first I ever owned was GBC.
The brick was where it was at, so many fun memories. It was technically my Dad's I guess. The first one I bought myself was my GBA SP.
I had a GBC (gameboy color) when I was little. Still have it today. :]
I had the original gameboy. The black and white one with tetris. It was great. I used to play it all the time, anywhere and everywhere. I always had it with me no matter what I was doing or where I was going.
Yeah, it was my first handheld! But it was way before I got Pokemon Blue - so I had to play stuff like Tetris, Super James Pond, and other cheap GB games. One thing I still vividly remember is how you could set the vibrancy of the screen... and the green tint of it. I played Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins the most, then got tired of that and moved on with other games.
Actually, I don't know why, but I had two units.
Yup, it was my first handheld console :). I only had a few games for it and replaced it with a Game Boy Color when that came out. But I honestly miss my giant grey brick, haha! I still have it but it no longer works. I think it may have been exposed to moisture. I'm planning to bring it to a video game repair place in the hopes they can fix it.
Nope. Sega Game Gear I bought off a classmate for 15 bucks. This was actually my first SEGA system and handheld.
My first handheld was a blue game boy color, actually. I've never owned an original game boy even to this day.
It sure was, and it was back when the thing first came out too. It was a bulky little thing, almost the size of a brick, and the screen was small and the buttons were huge and there were not that many of them. I definitely spent a good amount of time on it, though, and I remember that Kirby game and a Yoshi egg game were the two that I played the most. That brings back some memories, but they are a little hazy given how long ago they were.
Yes, my first Handheld console was a Game Boy.
I loved it and took it everywhere with me - to school, to friend's places, everywhere! Whenever there was a moment, I would power it up and play some Darkwing Duck and Dr. Mario :D

My thief story

I can't say the same, I had the Game Boy Grey, the big fat grey block. I stole it from some kid in my day care. And then I got a purple game boy color from another kid in another day care, I stole that one too.

As a matter a fact, I stole all of my handheld devices when I was a kid up until I got my first PSP which I bought from a pawn shop, I almost stole that one too but I moved to another city. I hid it from my mom when I got it because she didn't like the idea that I stole it.

I told her about the grey one when I got it, but decided not to share the other ones. I also had a yellow one, which also came from a day care. Kids used to bring all their cool stuff to school and leave it in their back packs. When everyone went outside for recess, it was time to go hunting. Now I buy every thing, I was a bad kid.

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