Was the original Zelda too easy?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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I was thinking the other day; did Nintendo make the second Zelda so hard, because the original was too easy? Thinking back to my time playing the original, I can't remember a single boss I got stuck on. The only real difficulty I ever had was navigating the dungeons; and even that was more a matter of patience.
I think capabilities of that time period have to play into how difficult or easy a game may be. I am quite sure the creators had other ideas that were pushed back from title to title. Also, being unsure of how receptive your audience is going to be to a game can leave you holding back on some things. I think the popularity of the first helped with the production value of the second.
i didn't think so, at 6 years old anyway. i guess planting a bomb in certain random areas didn't occur to me. now playing games i can sometimes see where hidden thing may be. i've never beaten any Zelda game without some kind of help…so no
I do remember a few of the dungeons were actually pretty hard to navigate. Those blue jumping spiders; and any enemy that fired something at you, could be challenging at times.
I was really young when I played (tried to play) the original Zelda and it was kinda hard for me.
It would probably be very easy today, but back then I hated the game for being so difficult.

I was a kid and haven't really played RPGs before, don't judge me :(
No, I think none of the Zelda is easy. I have to use a walkthrough guide to play any Zelda game, otherwise I won't get to certain level. I remember I played the very first Zelda game, which was the Link to the Past, I got stuck in one level and couldn't able to figure out because it was hard without a walkthrough guide. I ended up not quitting the game because I couldn't find the path to get to the level. I do like Zelda game, and I think it is entertaining but at the same time is very challenging.
No, i really don't think so. It's not really any harder then any of the other games.
The original Legend of Zelda was a difficult game for kids, and I imagine for adults, too. And don't forget, there was the Second Quest after beating the game, which really cranked up the difficulty level.

As for Zelda II, it was made by a different development team and not directed by Miyamoto, which explains such a big difference in gameplay.
I honestly doubt they're too much different in difficulty. It probably seems like it now, but honestly they're more alike than different.
I don't know Esperahol; the second one was a lot more difficult thant the first in my opinion. I recall getting very frustrated with the game. I am also pretty sure I never beat it.
I think he meant the second quest of Zelda 1. The second quest is definitely harder.
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The original Zelda was far from easy. Yeah it was no Simon's Quest or anything, but it was fairly difficult to nagivate, especially considering that huge world map that it had. The second game wasn't intended to be that much harder, they just wanted to take things in a new direction, see what worked. Remember it was only the second game so there was no established formula at this point.
I don't think that it was are any Zelda game at that to me all of them are required for you to think. I think the most difficult parts were navigating and finding your way through the dugeons. As time progressed and technology improved the level of the games did as well.
I dunno, some of the puzzles can be quite tricky. Or just annoying like the water temple.
I do not recall the original Zelda being too easy. I got lost quite a few times and it was kind of annoying replaying it recently. The game just feels archaic in general.
It was a good challenge, it was the right degree of difficultly with fun. The bosses were great, the dungeons were awesome and secrets were exhilarating.
It was a good challenge, it was the right degree of difficultly with fun. The bosses were great, the dungeons were awesome and secrets were exhilarating.
That is the same way that I was thinking I just think that they all had the level of difficulty that was good enough to keep you playing the game and good enough to keep you thinking and enjoying the game at the same time.
It was actually kind of difficult for me the first time that I played it. I don't even remember if I beat the game or not. I can remember watching my brother play and he made everything look so easy back in the day. The first Zelda game I can remember finishing clearly is Ocarina of Time.