Was the PS3 a rip-off during launch?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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Sony's PlayStation 3 generated a lot of buzz but also a fair share of controversy during it's launch phase. Primarily because it was expensively priced, I believe it was $ 599 for the 60GB model and that turned a lot of people off. As a fan and owner of all the previous PlayStations I also decided to wait for the price to come down. It's not secret, because of this the Xbox 360 enjoyed a significant lead in sales over the PS3.

What did you think of the PS3 launch, was the system fairly priced or was it a rip-off?
I don't know what Sony was thinking initially. Maybe it was the fact that they were the company and console to beat because of the previous success they had. So they figure they would cash in and make it really expensive. That's the only way I can possibly fathom on their thought process with aggressive pricing on the PS3.
They want to price it that high to profit as much as they can. As time goes by and people bitch, the price will depreciate exponentially. But on launch?

Yes. It was seriously over priced. I could build a bomb ass PC rig for that money.
If you think about the technology of the PS3 and the time it was launched, the pricepoint was actually fair below value. Yes, we as consumers want the best value we can get for our money, but if you consider that blue-ray players alone were selling for around the same price, you will see that Sony had a reason for their pricing.
Those are all some really great points. I think Sony took a wrong turn by spending so much resources on the Cell processor, which even game developers struggled to utilize properly. However, I felt the blu-ray was a great addition and helped to solidify the success of the medium. These days, it makes no sense for modern games to be released on anything other than blu-ray due to storage requirements.
It was worth the money with all that it came with, but the thing is that people just weren't willing to play that much for a gaming console. Oddly enough, you think Xbox would have learned from their mistake but nope! They launched the Xbox One at $500.

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