Was there any point?


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Apr 19, 2014
Game Boy Advance
So, it's been a while since I really looked at the eShop I will admit, so my knowledge will be a little dated, but from what I can remember, there wasn't really many channels which were worth downloading. Sure there was the News and Weather channels, but you'd get the data easier from other services or devices.

The eShop itself was a channel, and that was worthwhile obviously. Was there anything else that was worth getting though, or was this just a bit of a failed feature? Do they even feature on the Wii U?
The News and Weather stuff was pretty worthless I gotta agree with yah on that one..
It was a failed feature, like a lot of other features. I remember I only saw a little bit, but it was a similar experience and it was all weather - I do not even recall seeing any news, and even that might have saved it a little bit for me, but I guess not. I have taken these all to just be used for games, and nothing else, and I do not get myself hyped to expect anything anymore. Thanks for sharing.

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