Was There Anything Wrong with Paper Mario?


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May 27, 2014
Nintendo 64
NO. No there wasn't. Paper Mario introduced a whole new side to Mario. (Pun very much intended) It brought us new humor, and great new characters that we all love. It also paved the way for 3 (at the present time) sequels to be spawned. I would like to know if anyone didn't like it, or if you did, what did you like about it?
I did not appreciate the sheer amount of dialog in that game. It kind of ruined the flow of the game and was the reason I stopped playing the series eventually. Same issue with the portable Mario & Luigi RPG games (I consider Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi the same series, more or less, since they're so similar to Super Mario RPG on SNES).
I see no issues with this series. I mean I really like Paper Mario because it's sort of random. Besides I play RPGmaker games - massive blocks of dialog are just something you get used to. Also I apparently like reading. My Skyrim home has a simply massive library in stock.
I agree with crunchy.
I never finished Paper Mario because the dialogs got annoying.

I'm thinking of giving the game another try one of these days.
If you do give it another try then try speeding up the dialog. That should be an option - it is in most games of the type.
I might :)

I usually don't mind dialogs (I'm a Final Fantasy fan, so that says enough) but I guess I wasn't in the right mood when I tried playing PM last time :)
That's funny - because I'm not actually all that fond of FF as a game, but I had no issue with all the dialog in PM. Fanny Dooley I guess.
I'm not a massive fan of the original paper mario, but the sequal (The Thousand Year Door) is in my top favorite games. What a good game.

The one that came out for the Wii wasn't terrible either, but I couldn't reproduce the feeling that the second one gave off.