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May 15, 2020
Nintendo 64
Hey, I recently found my old N64 and tried setting it up on my Tele. Couldn't seem to tune in a chanel for it so bought RCA cable instead.
Everything works ok but the image is so washed out that is basically unplayable no matter how much I change the Tele image settings.
Any idea why this is happening, I tried the console on another Tele and got the exact same issue. Have tried a couple games, getting the same problem though.
Which cable did you get? Got a link?
Thank you for replying. It was just a standard RCA Nintendo cable adapter.
I have since read it might be down to my teles both only having the yellow/green port rather than the older yellow visual. So maybe due to a component connection?
Wondering if that is the reason or if the cable simply isn't good enough (got it on Amazon). Other thing I was thinking of was getting an RGB port with input from RCA.
Feel free to take a pic of the back of the TV and post it here.

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