Watch Boy - Retro 1993 Game Boy watch

Mar 13, 2015
Game Boy
Hello all,
just wanted to share some pics of my Game Boy watch that I got a few weeks ago.. got it new in box, was sealed up since 93 ;p
I grew up in the 90s, which was the best time ever :) I remember buying the original GB console along with the Batman GB game when they first came out over here. In total, I probably had around 30 games, majority of them complete - boxed with instructions and plastic case. I don't recall this GB watch boy at all back in the early 90s, only found out about it online.. apparently there are different versions, i.e.
different colours, smaller LCD screen, a transparent clear edition, some came with the Mario Kart game, etc.
this is the basic standard one..
enough of my blabbering, here's some pics :)

Really neat, I love it! :cool:

I love the GameBoy, myself. I have a bunch of the Color, Pocket, Micro, and SP models and they are highlights of my collection.

Thanks for showing this fun piece.
I like the dramatic lighting. It's as if the watch is being interviewed by detectives for the murder of his wife. The progressive zoom in really topped it off for me.
..... and these came in the post.....
thanks to my bro for getting me these :)

the other two are still mint and sealed in its original factory box from 1993 :)
still working on getting the Play It Loud! transparent watches XD
That is a collectors item my friend. You shouldn't of taken it out of the packaging.

I was 9 or 10 years old when the NES came out and I was not geeky enough to wear something like this. Back then I was rocking my casio watch.