Water Temple


Jan 8, 2015
Super NES
Water Temple, that's basically all I need to say, no ;)

If feel as though "sometimes you stand at the entrance to the Water Temple and are uncertain if you really want to enter" should be a panel appended onto this amusing Dorkly web-comic entitled "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Is About Your Depressing Life" by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman.

To paraphrase a sentiment often expressed by Noah "SpoonyOne" Antwiler, sewer levels are (almost) always the worst, most frustrating part of any game!

Although, that being said, as far as "sewer levels" go: the Water Temple is one of the better, more impressive ones!
If you ever played the Ocarina of Time Master Edition for the Gamecube, (came with some Windwaker editions), there, the temple was even a lot harder^^ When I first played through it I just remember how it was frustrating me :p
Did they end up making it easier in the 3DS version?
No, 3DS is the same like N64. The only different difficulty is on the Master's Edition. 3DS only made small improvements in the graphics if I'm correct.
i found it easier because i could see better. (graphics upgrade). I always had trouble seeing backgrounds on 64 games.
Am I the only one who loved the hell out of this temple? It actually made you guess which water levels had to be raised to which level in order to reveal keys or chests. It wasn't a simple "whack-until-you-kill-em" dungeon. Not only that, but Koji Kondo *(the composer of music)* had an insanely awesome soundtrack to this video game. The more frustrating dungeon imo was the Shadow Temple and being cautious not to run out of the eye-of-truth magic meter so you could always see where holes where or if there were invisible enemies. Now THAT was a painful temple. This one just required thought processes.

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