Ways to be more social?


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Mar 25, 2016
I don't get much social interaction. Someone suggested I go to bars and shoot some pool to make friends, but I don't drink. So people would think it's weird that I'm there.

I'm part of the dating scene, but dating and making friends are two different things. I find that these days, all people you date are interested in are your looks and whether you don't fit on their list of pet peeves, and that is all. Every conversation ends up being about my looks and previous relationships.

I'm just looking for something to do so I don't bother my brother in law all the time. People to do legal shenanigans with.

I find gaming to also be a horrible way of making friends.

I want people who I can either go to the movies with, not as a date, or can share funny Youtube videos with.
What are your hobbies?
See what groups are about for it as having a shared interest is an easy way to get more social.
I've found my main human interactions come from the gym.
I don't drink, club or party but the gym is great to get talking to people and get fit :)
Hobbies are video games, computers, professional sports (watching, not playing).

Maybe I should join some sort of Fantasy Football club when it's on...
Some bars too have sports nights that play things on TV.
Might be worth popping along.

Some online gamers organise meetups, maybe you could set one up with one of the multiplayer ones you're into?

Or if you're into computer and confident with repairing them, maybe put out an advert to help people with the PC issues and see who you get talking to?
If I knew I would tell ya but I am in the same empty boat.
^ Yeah, I wonder why we have such problems...

meetup.com is my reccomendation, though you might be limited in some areas. I was hoping to find one for competitive smash/mario kart/etc, but the only groups available were for games I had no interest in.
^ Yeah, I wonder why we have such problems...

Should see my facebook photo. No wonder I'm a dork. But who else will sport a Turbografx16 shirt with a slime on their head!?
Why do you find gaming as an horrible way of meeting people can I ask? I'm not saying I've met people through gaming that have become my best friends or anything, but I've met a few people through gaming who I wouldn't have met otherwise and we've stayed in contact.

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