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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Does anyone remember playing Weaponlord? I picked it up when I was on my fighting game kick. The game was very unique for it's time, in my opinion, but it was also very hard and frustrating. The SNES did slow down during intense fighting, but that didn't keep me from playing the game to death!
No I haven't played it, but I'm a fan of old fighting games so I might see if I can find a copy (do you know if it is on virtual console?)
I/m not sure if it is available or not on virtual, however, even if it isn't it might be worth tracking down. The game has some unique features like thrust blocks and the finishing moves have to be done in combos.
I've heard about it but i never actually gave it a try myself. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on it now though, it sounds pretty good.
Weaponlord is a great game. They implemented a few fighting game features that were ahead of the time. From what I understand, the SNES version has better graphics, while the Genesis version runs smoother. That doesn't surprise me, because I noticed that the Genesis never seemed to slow down as much as the SNES.
I couldn't find it on the VC, so I guess I will have to pass on this classic. Too bad :(

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