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Sep 19, 2012
Welcome to NintendoForums.com!

As Nintendo fans around the world gear up for the launch of Wii U on November 30th, we hope you find our community a pleasant place to visit and get your Nintendo fix.

Please make a post in the Introductions section and tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to seeing you become a member of our community!
Thank you for the nice welcome posting. I look forward to being able to chat with others about nintendo and how it has evolved. I have been playing nintendo since they came out with their original nintendo system in which it blew Atari away.
Hey, this forum is really good in terms of friendliness and feedback.
I only wish more people knew about it and subscribed man cause it can get a lil lonely on some of the topics :(
@LALucien Just try and invite some friends :) I just invited a couple of my buddies since I felt the same way!
Woo crunchy officially added me as an admin to the facebook page! I posted a trailer of the Pac Man's edition into super smash bros! You definitely should check it out and watch it!
I think you meant "addition".
And this is a great site for a Ninten-fan to be on.
Much more inviting than other sites.
I wish it wasn't quiet all the time, though.
^ Agreed! You should like the facebook page for nintendo forums! Also invite your friends to the page. I enjoy updating the page and I update it rather frequently so it's definitely worth liking.
Wish we had more people, I feel like posting with a lot more games and quality posts to people who will have a good go-between.

Name's Shane, don't be afraid to PM me. I like NES+, and I grew up through the 90s.

Let's chill!
My name is Rachel and my husband and I LOVE our Nintendo 64! We play it every day when we're back home in New Zealand. We're currently living in Germany until August and unfortunately couldn't bring it with us - missing it so much!
Hello all I am long time gamer (since 1978) Nintendo is always near the top of my gaming list and where a fair amount of my gaming hours are spent. It's nice to find a site Nintendo based I'm not sure why I didn't find it sooner. Tim aka PONGbyATARI
Hello. I use to browse these forums way back in the day like Wii era days. I decided to create an account because im tired of sites like reddit and other current sites. I think forum sites are way cooler than reddit or anything like that. I enjoy most of what Nintendo makes, however my favorite series are Mario and Pikmin. My favorite game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy. Hope to interact with some of you!

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