What 3DS games have you beaten?


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Sep 25, 2013
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So what 3DS retail games have you beaten so far?

The Nintendo 3DS was the very first system where I decided that I would try and beat every single game that I own for it. Over the years, I've had many game systems, with tons and tons of games for them. As a kid, I was more into just playing the games, because they were games. If I beat it, great. If not, whatever. Never bothered me either way.

However, over time, I noticed that I had tons and tons of games, for many systems, and have never beaten most of the games that I owned. Usually because a ton of more games would be released, and thus, I'd jump from game to game. Only finishing a few, here and there, or, only the games that I really, really wanted to beat. So, starting when I first got my 3DS, I made it my mission, or person goal as it were, to beat every single game that I own for my 3DS. I don't have to, but I really, really want to. So that's the plan.

So, with that said, I have gone out of my way to play every 3DS game that I own, and work hard to try and beat every single game that I own for it. Because of this, I have decided that I would only count the retail titles. The eShop and Virtual Console games aren't going to count on this list. I'm just counting retail games. Which, by the way, I am a strict retail purchaser. I don't ever buy the digital version of retail games. If it comes on a disc or cartridge, I always get the retail version. I only get the digital version if there is no retail version, and even then, only if I really, really want it. Tho eShop and Virtual Console games I see as "bonus" games. But I count the retail games as the games for the system.

That said, here is the list of the games that I own for the 3DS, and my status on each one, as well as my quick thoughts on them. I'll post my full thoughts on them in the posts below.

Currently, I own 42 retail 3DS titles. Those marked in "RED" are the titles that I have already beaten, while those marked in "GREEN" are those that I'm still trying to beat. If you have any questions about any of the games, let me know, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. Keep in mind, these don't always mean that I've 100% completed the game. It just means that I've beaten it, and seen the end credits. Which is all I'm counting. For the most part. Depending on the game itself.

Anyways, here we go...


***Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy = Controls are fairly good. The game is easy, but sometimes some enemies take longer to defeat than they should due to their evading maneuvers. Overall, "ok" tho.

***Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Still Our Garbage? = Very short and very easy. Beat it in like 4 hours, or so. Didn't come close to 'dying' once. Reminiscent of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, in gameplay and design.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Just picked t his up today. I plan on playing it a lot, since I'm about to take a trip soon. So I'll get plenty of game time in on this.

***Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate = Fun game. First "Lords of Shadow" game for me, so it took me a minute to get used to it's style. But the gameplay is fun. The farther and farther that I got, the more and more I got into it. The 3D was cool, and it looked great. Even if the character designs were slightly different between the in-game models and the cut-scenes.

***Code of Princess = Great animation on the characters. Average story. Levels felt repetitive, as it was the exact same fighting style, with different backgrounds and enemies. Overall, fairly easy. A couple of enemies were tougher than others. But for the most part I breezed right through it. Lots of playable characters to choose from, and things to unlock. So that adds variety.

***Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs = Decent game. Nothing mindblowing. It's all about timing your attacks or defense against the A.I.'s attack and defenses. Vary linear, set path. Not an open world type of game. Only a limited number of playable dinosaurs. Very easy, but sometimes tedious, as you have to basically the play game 4 times, with the different dinosaurs, in order to unlock the final "boss".

***Crush3D = Fun game, tho I'm a puzzle fanatic. Most of the game is pretty easy. However, there are a few puzzles that require some thought to figure out. Not many, as again, most of the game is pretty easy to figure out. But there were a few puzzles that took me some time to figure out.

Devil Survivor: Overclocked = Still working on it. Been grinding away for a while. Still on "Day 1", with all of my characters at like, at least level 30, or something. It's been a while. I'll have to double check. Haven't gotten a chance to put much time into it in the past few months.

***Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D = Another fun game. I double dipped here, as I already own, and have beaten, the Wii version. Still, felt compelled to get this, and play this too. As expected, the 3D use is exactly how I imagined how it would turn out.

***Driver: Renegade 3D = Very easy game. Especially when it's very, very difficult to lose. You have to want to lose in order to lose. I mean, there are repair shops everywhere, and anytime your car is damaged, all you have to do is drive through the shop, you don't even have to stop. You can just drive through it, and poof, your car is back to 100%. The enemy cars, however, stay damaged. So just ram them and damage them all that you want, and then go and fix your car, and there you go. Still need to unlock some things. But beat the short story, in like 3 hours, or so. Maybe less, I don't recall off hand. I beat this game, and Star Fox 64 3D, on the same day, as I bought both on the same day. Had them both done on day 1. Haven't played much since.

Fire Emblem: Awakening = Still working on this game. Almost done. Just been grinding away at the DLC since those got released. Would of beaten this game already if it hadn't of been for the DLC packs and my desire to grind in this game, for some reason. Even tho I don't really need to. Grinding in games is actually fun for me, for some reason.

***Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars = One of my first favorite games on the system. Mostly because it's similar in nature to Advance Wars, which is my all time favorite handheld game series. It's deeper than Advance Wars, but the gameplay is basically the same. Only, instead of lots of vehicles and only 2 types of infantry, this game has mostly different kinds of infantry with only a few vehicles. But the gameplay is the same, only in "3D". Tho the 3D in this game isn't the best use of 3D on the system. Still, fun game none-the-less. I've beaten this game on every difficulty the game has to offer, and done everything that there is to do in this game. It was the very first game that I 100% completed everything on the 3DS.

***Heroes of Ruin = Fun game. Not as "random" as I was expecting. The online play was fun. Kind of like a Diablo-like game, really. 4 characters to choose from. All feel different. But because the game is relatively short, and the online play is just playing the story mode in multiplayer. You can beat the game fairly quick. Like, 10 hours, or so. Tho the levels, again, aren't as "random" as I'd hoped that they'd be. Certain sections are always the same, while the paths leading to them are different. Sometimes, you have to go left to reach a certain area, but in another play through, you may have to go right. Things like that. But the actual area itself always looks the same. Just the path to them is different. It's a fun game, but doesn't have the lasting appeal as I had hoped. But worth trying out tho.

The Hidden = Still working on this game, and I bet it'll be the last game that I ever beat for the 3DS. Not because it's hard, in the traditional sense. But because of how they designed the game. It uses the internet to determine each of the games "locations". So, your home internet is 1 location, but you literally have to go somewhere else to play another section. Like, to your friends or family, or to places with free wifi, like McDonald's or Starbucks, or whatever. It connects to the internet, registers that as a location, and then, you have to physically travel around town to get to each 'location'. It's an Augmented "Reality Ghost Hunting" game. And some places that you've been to can get 're-infected'. So you'll have to travel back to them clear it out, before you can advance in the game. And the ghosts can be all around you, so you literally have to spin around in circles, as they circle around you to try and attack you. You can 'block', but it's a charged block, so you can't block forever. But because you physically have to travel around town in order to advance in the game, I haven't advanced very far.

***Kid Icarus: Uprising = Fun game. I got used to the controls really quick, and had a blast with it. I didn't understand the fuss over the control scheme. Felt completely natural to me. Anyways, the 3D was pretty good. Especially at specific parts. The online was fun. Had a blast with the online play. Didn't do a whole lot with the item creation thing. But the story for the singleplayer was great. The flying levels reminded me of the old Space Harrier games. Also, I scanned a lot of "cards" by just looking them up online, and scanning my monitor. It worked. Try it out. I'm still missing a few. But I have the vast majority of them. Which is cool. A couple of the sites that I was getting them from got shut down. But luckily, I was able to scan them all before the sites were taken down. Tho there are still more sites out there.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance = I'm about halfway through. I think. Give or take. Kept getting distracted with other games. It's fun tho.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds = I haven't started this game yet, but I'm so excited for it.

***The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D = I bought this, along with Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition, when I first bought my 3DS. However, I played this second, since I had already beaten the N64 version, but had never played any version of Street Fighter 4 yet. So I tried that first. So, technically, this was the 2nd game that I ever had for the 3DS. It's still a classic, and the upgraded visuals were an awesome touch for this version of the game.

***Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes = Fun game. I've enjoyed every Lego game that I've played. I played this while watching the Lego Batman movie, and alternated between this and the Wii U version. Played them side by side, and beat them both back to back on the same day.

***Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins = Another fun Lego Game. However, I played, and beat, the Wii U version first. This game is the prequel to the Wii U version. So I should of played this game first, for 2 reasons. 1, story wise, this comes before the other game (which isn't that big of a deal), however 2, this game, all though good, felt like a watered down Wii U version. Which is understandable, as the console versions are usually always bigger, with more content, than the handheld versions. Still, this was a fun game. But if you are going to play both, this version, and the sequel on the Wii U.... play this first. Enjoy it. And then go and play the better Wii U version.

***Lego Star Wars 3 = Again, another fun Lego Game. The first Lego game I ever played was a Lego Star Wars game on the Gameboy Advance. So I just had to get the 3DS version.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon = Still working on this. Looks fantastic on the 3DS, as well as in full 3D. Controls are smooth and responsive. Can't wait to finally beat this game.

***Madden NFL Football = I "beat" this game by playing through the entire season, on the hardest difficulty, with full 15 minute quarters, making it to the playoffs, "surviving" those matches, making it to the Superbowl, and winning the Superbowl. I was my San Francisco 49ers. I beat Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game, in Seattle. Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts beat the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship game, to advance to the Superbowl, where I lead my 49ers to victory over the Colts. I played a second season, and won the Superbowl again. The second time, my 49ers beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFC, while the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Denver Broncos in the AFC. But, again, I led my 49ers to victory over the Bengals in the 'Bowl.

***Mario Kart 7 = I have unlocked every character and won every trophy. So I consider this game "beaten".

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team = Still working on this game. The first portion of the game is a boring talk-fest. Always stopping and talking to everybody, about EVERYTHING. For like an hour or two, or however long, everybody is explaining everything, and just talking and talking. Do something really quick, boom, more talking. Finally, after a little while, the game finally opened up, and became really fun. There's still talking, just like with any RPG. But now its fun. Now it feels like I"m actually doing something, and it doesn't feel bogged down by talking. It feels like it should.

***Mario Tennis Open = I have unlocked every character in this game too, as well as gotten all of the medals, in both, singles and doubles. Even using the QR Codes to unlock some characters. So I consider this game "beaten" too.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate = Haven't touched it yet. Still working on the Wii U version, but I have hardly touched that game too. I figure that this game is going to be a "big" game. So I've saving it for last. Trying to beat all of the other games first, as I feel that they'll be shorter and quicker to beat. I feel that if I focus on this game, a bunch of more games will release before I can beat the other games, and then I'll fall behind really fast. So I'm trying to beat all of the other games first, then, slowly pick at this game in between new releases of other games.

***New Super Mario Bros. 2 = I loved this game. Had a blast playing it. So much fun. Also, I got the "elusive" 1 Million Coins. Didn't take too too long either. I mean, it did. But, I stayed up late many nights just playing and playing. Found some levels where I could get a bunch of coins. So I replayed those over and over again. Fantastic game.

***The Oregon Trail = I got this as a gift. I beat it fairly quickly. Tho I think it was mainly because I was trying to beat it quickly. The 3D was 'ok', but not great. The controls felt a little weird at first. I got used to them tho. Not my favorite version of the Oregon Trail. I thought that it would be more like the older PC games. But nope, not quite. It's a "kart racing" type of game, sort of. You control the wagon from behind, in 3rd person mode, like any racing game. Only, the controls are loose, and steering isn't the best. The graphics aren't great, and the 'hunting' parts don't feel like an upgrade from the older games at all. It's not the worst game that I ever played, but It's probably the worst 3DS game that I have ever played. So there's that. If you're a hardcore Oregon Trail fan, you might actually enjoy it. If not tho, it's probably not for you.

***Paper Mario: Sticker Star = I liked this game. I thought that it was fun. The stickers in the game were cool. I went out of my way to try and collect at least 1 of every one. However, the stickers are in abundance, and you can easily stock up on the best stickers. At first, you can run out if you don't manage them right. But only at first. After that, you just keep getting more and more. Finding them is easy. And the more efficient you get at using them, the less you use, so the more you have. Tho, there is a limit to how many you can carry, and the better ones are bigger, so you can hold less. Also, there are bigger special stickers, which you can only have one of, tho you can get it back later if you use it. So, that made the game very, very easy. However, it was till fun, with a fun level design, and some cleverly hidden paths. Mostly straight forward.

***Pilotwings Resort = Easy to learn, hard to master. Yeah, that's the best way to describe this game. The game starts off easy enough. However, in later portions of the game, you'll find yourself missing some timed opjectives by a few seconds. You'll "master" certain moves and maneuvers, or the paths, or whatever, and find that there is no way that you can get faster, yet, you try and try, and before you know it, you've beaten it, even tho you thought for sure that you've maxed yourself out. Starts off easy, but the ending can be surprisingly difficult to get everything.

Project X Zone = I have hardly put any time into this. Honestly, I have put more time into the demo than I have the real game. But don't worry, I'll dive into this fully soon enough.

***Rabbids: Travel in Time 3D = Short game. Fun, but not difficult at all. Very easy. Some level designs were pretty cool. Others, not so much. 3D was ok. Not great. Overall, fun game. Better to borrow or rent than to buy. Tho, if you do buy, get it cheap.

***Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D = I was a fan of "Mercenary Mode" in Resident Evil 4, so I had to get this. Overall, this is easier than the RE4 Mercenary Mode. Online play was fun. Looked fairly good. Controls were decent. No story mode. Just the "Mercenaries" mini games. So it feels kind of empty, in terms of content. Several playable characters, each with an alternate outfit. Overall, it's decent, but doesn't have a lasting appeal. Borrow, rent, or get it really cheap. Don't pay full price.

***Resident Evil: Revelations = Great game. There are console versions out now. But this was the original version, and the only version in 3D. Controls are great. The game looks awesome. The 3D was done well. The story was good. One of the better Resident Evil games since part 4. In fact, this is in my Top 3 favorite Resident Evil games. RE2 and RE4 being the other two. Great game.

***Samurai Warriors: Chronicles = Fairly long game. So many levels. Like, 120+ missions. Seriously. It felt like it just kept going and going. And it has lots of cutscenes, that are unskippable, unless you have already seen them. The controls work well. The camera is mostly good. The 3D is ok, not great. When buildings and stuff are around, it looks good. But when you're in an open field, it's almost pointless. Your path is determined by the choices you make in the conversations that you have with other generals in between missions. If your a fan of the Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors game series, then this game is for you.

***Shinobi = HARD. Yeah, I lost count of how many times I died in this game. Thankfully, infinite lives is the default setting. You will die a lot in this game. A lot. It's not impossible to beat, as I have done it. It just took so, so, so, so, many tries. All I can say is, keep at it, and eventually, you'll get it too.

***Star Fox 64 3D = Another short game. I bought this, and Driver: Renegade, on the same day, and beat this game twice, and Driver once, on the same day. After I beat it, I was like, I don't remember this game being so short. So I played, and beat it, again. Still, it's a fun game. I played the original SNES title more, so I'm more fond of that game. But this was still a great Star Fox game.

***Sonic Generations = I prefer classic Sonic over the newer Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is my most played Sonic game, and my favorite iteration of the character. Still, Generations was a good mix of both. I liked this game. It was fun, however, some parts can be really hard. I had to replay several areas over just to try and beat it. Eventually, I did, and got to move on. But some parts weren't easy. Most of the game was, but some parts I had to keep trying on.

***Steel Diver = Interesting game. I would of preferred to use the buttons, d-pad, or circle pad, to control things at times. As all of the controls are touchscreen based. They worked well enough, and were cool at times. But other times, I'd prefer more traditional controls. Each submarine having it's own traits was cool tho. Some levels seemed tailor made for one type of sub, while other levels felt tailor made for others. Relatively short. But the gyroscope periscope view was cool. Overall, decent game. But get it cheap. Tho it's not for everybody.

***Super Mario 3D Land = Great game. Another instant classic Mario game. The 3D was great in this game. The controls were spot on. And it looked good too. The level designs were well done. Great game.

***Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition = This is the first 3DS game that I have ever played. I bought this and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D at the same time that I bought the 3DS. But this is the game that I played first, since I had never played Street Fighter 4 before this, but I had already beaten Ocarina of Time multiple times. That said, this game was fun. I've now beaten the game with every character. The 3D was pretty good for this game. I loved the different Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha games, but I wasn't a fan of the Street Fighter 3 games. Something just didn't feel right about the Street Fighter 3 games. It felt like a different game with some Street Fighter characters. However, Street Fighter 4 actually feels like a real Street Fighter game. So I enjoyed this game more than I expected, as I thought it would be more like part 3. But thankfully, it doesn't feel like part 3. It feels like the better games in the series.

Total Games owned: 42
Total Games beaten: 32

*****UPDATED ON: 11/22/13*****


Also, here is a list of the upcoming games, that we know about, that I want to buy as well.

OUT NOW - Lego Marvel Super Heroes
OUT NOW - Sonic: Lost World
OUT NOW - Mario Party: Island Tour
December 3, 2013 - Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
2014 - Mario Golf World Tour
2014 - The Lego Movie Videogame
2014 - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
2014 - Kirby 3DS
2014 - Yoshi's New Island

Any titles that I have not listed on either list is either because A, I simply overlooked it, but I do want it too.. or B, I have no interest in it, and thus, don't want it. Tho, to be honest, odds are that it's because of B, that I don't want it.

What 3DS games have you beaten. Whether they be the retail version, the digital version, or the eShop or Virtual Console version. I'll list my eShop and Virtual Console titles and accomplishments later.

Also, I'll give a more in-depth review of each game that I have beaten, over time, later.
I plan on reviewing all of the 3DS games that I have beaten. So, I figured that I'd make a list here of the titles that I have already reviewed. This way, you won't have to scroll through pages and pages, just to see if I've reviewed a game or not. I'll keep a list of the titles that I've reviewed here. This way, you'll know if its been done already, and then can look for it. So, I'll try to keep the list in the order that I did the review, so that it's easier for you to find it when you browse.

Much like the Wii U thread, I haven't listed the eshop or virtual console games in the main post up above, but I will list the ones that i review here. If there's something that you want to know about a game before I get a chance to review it, feel free to ask, and I'll try to get that review done quicker. In the meantime, I'll do what I can, when I can, until I'm all caught up. Then, I'll keep them coming as I beat more and more games. So, if you don't see a title that you want to read about, but I've already beaten, just know that it's coming. Or you can ask, and I'll try to get that up and running quicker. However, if you see a title that I haven't beaten yet, but want to know, again, just ask, and I'll try to give you my honest opinions on those games, even tho I haven't completed it yet.

With that said.. here's the list of completed reviews. Enjoy...

Retail / Digital

Nothing reviewed.. yet

eShop / Virtual Console

Nothing reviewed.. yet
The game is very addictive. And I was sick since Sunday. So I just laid in bed playing the game and watching the Pokemon Anime from Episode 1 to 368. I have almost every episode on my laptop. And I used the HDMI to hook up my laptop to my TV. This is my 4th 3DS game. I've been collecting NES games mostly.

BTW the ending is
Not telling anyone what happens. It's best to find out for yourself's.
NintendoCosmos said:
I just Beat Pokemon X for the 3DS.
Nice. Congrats. Tho, that was pretty fast. Is it a short game, or did you just stay up all night and day playing it non-stop. I like to stay up late playing a game myself. Tho, usually it's because I lose track of time, because I'm so engrossed into the game to quit. Either way, congrats again.

NintendoCosmos said:
The game is very addictive. And I was sick since Sunday. So I just laid in bed playing the game and watching the Pokemon Anime from Episode 1 to 368. I have almost every episode on my laptop. And I used the HDMI to hook up my laptop to my TV. This is my 4th 3DS game. I've been collecting NES games mostly.

BTW the ending is
Not telling anyone what happens. It's best to find out for yourself's.
That's cool. I'm always down for staying home, and up all night, playing games, whenever I can. The more the merrier, I say. Tho, don't worry about spoiling this game for me, as I've never been a fan of Pokemon, myself. I know that a lot of people love it, and that's cool. It's just never appealed to me. But I am glad that people love it. It's a huge, huge, franchise for Nintendo. I remember when the first movie was released. The store I was working at put a limit on how many copies you could buy because people were coming in, buying the whole inventory, and then selling it for more online. Like people do with a lot of games today. But this was the movie.

Anyways, good luck with your NES collecting. I've been out of that market for a while. But I'll go back and try and get more again one day. I'll probably regret not doing it sooner. But, at the moment, I'm not too too worried about it. But again, good luck to you on your hunt.
Going to write some reviews soon. Tho, I'm going to be picking up some more games today. For both the Wii U and 3DS. Then, I'll pick up some more on Tuesday. So I'll be revising my lists soon. But know that reviews are still on the way. I plan on catching up and getting one for all of the games that I have beaten. This way, you can get a feel for the game for yourselves, to see if it interests you or not. I'll be completely honest about them all tho. The good, the bad, the ones I like, the ones I don't like, etc.etc. So stay tuned for those.
I just picked up Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Had to get that game. I got to play it at Comic-Con this past year, in San Diego. That was fun. So I have that now, officially. So I had to update my list. I'll change the picture to add it in later.
Finally completed Pokemon Y for the 3DS this past weekend.It was a little hard with the Elite 4 and kinda hard when I went up to the Champion.But,I'm still playing this game,trying to complete the extra mission and having to go leveling up my Pokemon and just having fun doing the Elite 4 all over again.
Finally got around to updating my picture of my retail 3DS titles. Also, there are a couple of new games that I haven't picked up yet. I've just been too busy. But I will end up getting them soon enough. With the goal of beating them too.


3DSfan134 said:
Finally completed Pokemon Y for the 3DS this past weekend.It was a little hard with the Elite 4 and kinda hard when I went up to the Champion.But,I'm still playing this game,trying to complete the extra mission and having to go leveling up my Pokemon and just having fun doing the Elite 4 all over again.
Congrats on beating this. I have never been a Pokemon fan, myself, which is why I haven't picked it up. However, regardless, what are your thoughts on it? Would you recommend it to others. Are there things that you liked, or didn't like, about it. Feel free to elaborate more. Also, did you beat any other 3DS retail or digital games?
I picked up my copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds today. So excited. Haven't started it yet. Been really busy. Also, I picked up the Zelda 3DS XL as well. Doing the system transfer right now, so even if I wanted to play it right now, I couldn't. Gotta wait for the transfer to finish first. And I have a lot of stuff on my old system. So it may be a while. Still, I can't wait. A Link to the Past is my all time favorite Zelda game, so this game is a dream come true. Finally.

I'll eventually beat this game soon. However, I haven't really touched my 3DS much since the Wii U game out. I feel like I'm neglecting it. However, now that I officially have my new Zelda 3DS-XL and 3DS Zelda game, my 3DS time will pick up again.

In the meantime, what games for the 3DS have you beaten recently? Be they retail or digital or whatever.
Are you much a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei games? The IV that came out for 3DS was pretty good.

I tend not to "beat" games, except I suppose Pokemon, where "beating" the game means beating the Elite 4. My most favorite games are ones you don't "beat" I suppose. R&R games like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. B) I'm still working on several of my DS games. I pick up used DS games at Gamestop here and there. The ones I'm having the most fun with are CrossworDS and Pokemon Ranger. Pokemon X was really really good though, and I devoured the entire thing in maybe two weeks? Finished all the endgame content too, which was really enjoyable. Most Pokemon games, there's nothing to do after beating the E4 other than travel around trying to finish your pokedex. :/
Beat Castlevania - mirror of fate and thought it was short but really really good. Dead or Alive - Dimensions was really really good too but the mechanics in those games are always fantastic. Working on Kingdom Hearts - Dream Drop Distance ATM.
may i say you have absolutely fantastic taste in games.

Luigi's Mansion (a blast)

NSMB2 (a blast)

SM3dland (loved it)

OOT (duh)

you also get 100 cool points for redoing DKC. i found the difficulty near brutal, so I'm content having beat it on the wii
Wow you guys are so ahead of me! I haven't beaten Luigi's Dark Mansion yet because I am so focused on Animal Crossing! Is it actually possible to beat Animal Crossing or is that a game where you just can constantly play it and it's fun?
Its good to keep a list of the games you have beaten, we are doing the same thing here with my friends :D :D :D
My most recent games beaten (in no particular order) are:
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Mighty Switch Force
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Virtue's Last Reward
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Fire Emblem: Awakening
can we count eshop titles? i finished Link's Awakening DX today, and i love it. 2nd play through. it really tore up my hands though, pressing start over and over to change weapons. next up is A link between worlds
I have yet to beat any game on the 3DS! I have only had it since Christmas and I still only have 3 games on it, which are: Luigi's Mansion 2, Pokemon X and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. I'm currently focusing on Harvest Moon, however the thing about Harvest Moon games is, with the exception of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, they are on going, they don't really end.

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