What 64 game was your personal first?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Mine was Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In the winter of 98(or 97) can't really remember, but I do remember my mother buying me a TV and a console (the newest nintendo 64) with Ocarina of Time and four other games.
I secluded myself in my bedroom until I finished Ocarina. It still is one of my most favorite childhood memories, playing and figuring everything out in that game by myself.

What was yours? What do you remember doing while playing it?
I usually say that my first N64 game was Pokemon Snap, because that's the first game my parents bought me along with the console. However, I used to attend a daycare center (when I was like 3 or 4) that had an N64 with Ocarina of Time in it. I was way too young to understand what was going on and pretty much just wandered around the Kokiri Village for a few minutes before my turn on the system was over. I remember getting really frustrated with the training course!
That's cool to hear that a daycare center would OOT. I really want to figure out who ran that and tell them they were raising other people's kids the right way (haha!)

Kokiri village and still finding out everything from Z-Targeting (F-U Navi the Nazi) (HEY LISTEN!) to finding out if you crossed the rocks a certain way you'd get rupees, to throwing stones at the npcs, Kokiri village was a gooooood time.
I think for me the most cherished N64 game I played was legend of zelda Ocarina of time or Majora's mask. I really liked the dynamics of those games, running around slashing bushes for rupees and the fact you could ride epona since I loved horses. The game always held my interest and the puzzles in game were the kind I liked solving (except for those darned water levels that every game has).
I remember playing Zelda Ocarina of time and enjoyed the graphics and controls in the game as it was real good for a nineties game and did well in the sales area and was a enjoyable game and open world as well. It had lot of detail and it was shown in the game with the characters having expressions and when exploring different areas in the game and in the boss battles which was amazing. Mario was good and had the, if you are not close enough to jump than will fall to the ground or lose life unlike today's games where you would only lose some health and it had amazing design and remembered had to look for the 100 starts only got that once in the game.
Cool responses, everyone. It's nice to get a grasp on what other peoeple played/grew up playing.

Another one of my very firsts I played was Goldeneye 007, too. Plenty of party fun there being a kid with a 64, everyone wanted to play.
The first game that I had the chance to play on the N64 was Super Mario 64 and I will tell you that was some of the most fun that I have ever had when I was playing a video game.
I can also honestly remember that being a good first. From the first star to the ending one, that game was magical. It was like a pinnacle of platforming.
GoldenEye was the game that introduced me to multi-player split screen shooters. We use to get into some heated battles and we up to the late hours just playing and having a good time. After that I remember a bunch of games being released with the same premise. You know what? I'm going t find that game and play it again. I thought the unlockables in every level was fun to beat.
I don't remember much from my childhood, but I do vividly remember getting the N64 for Christmas, with Super mario 64 and played the heck out of it. Then after that I think we got the Zelda game, followed by banjo. Great gaming times those were.
The first game that I ever played on the Nintendo 64 was Mario 64. I believe it was the game that came with the console. I would play that all the time back then -- even though it was difficult for me (I was 7). Though my all-time first favorite game would have to be Yoshi's Story. The music, colors and mini plot was what made me love the game more and more. I am pretty disappointed that Nintendo hasn't recreated the game for the latest consoles, though. :(
The first Nintendo 64 game that i owned also happens to be my favorite game. Super Mario 2 was my absolute favorite game for the Nintendo 64, and I still favor this game today. I favor this game still because even though there are many other pixel style games that have changed the world of pixel gaming; no matter what changes are made in this type of gaming Super Mario will always be a staple for it. I can still remember the different levels I played with my grandmother as a child, and I remember being completely immersed in the game even though it had less graphics than the cartoons I watched on television. The levels were very interesting, and I was always excited to see the new levels as well as the new monsters. There might be newer games created that are just as fun as Super Mario, but nothing can ever replace Mario or his classic stamp on pixel games.
Super Mario 2 was not on the Nintendo 64 though? That was just Super Mario 64. Granted, I understand the launch of Mario and his widespread success; and I won't knock it because I enjoy Mario games pretty hardcore (Mario Party for the 64 anyone? :D)
My first N64 game was Super Mario 64!
I seem to recall my father came back from a business trip with the console and that game. I was about 6 or 7 (I'm a 1989 kid) and my brother was like 10 or 11. We were stunned with the graphics and dived into it with so much anticipation!

I can't quite remember what we followed it up with, but I think it was a couple of months 'til we got another game.
Banjo Kazooie! I watched my brother and dad play through Super Mario 64 but the first game that I properly played on it myself (and the first game I completed ever!) was Banjo Kazooie. I'm psyched to know that the guys at Rare, albeit under a different guise now, are developing something similar for 2017.
Banjo would have been an excellent game to launch upon, I agree. I spent so much time in those games and along Mario 64/OOT it's probably one of my most highly played series. I just even emulated it a week ago on my 64 emulator because I needed to hear Treasure Trove Cove music.
Ocarina of Time was the first for me. I never got consoles or games right when they came out so the n64 had been out for a while and I remember seeing other games like Mario 64 but Zelda was the first for me. I played it at family's house and was just blown away. I think I only ended up getting through the first temple before we had to go but that was enough to hook me in. Such a great moments discovering a game like that for the first time.
Indeed, Aud. Sometimes, regardless of the Game/Franchise, the first game you get hooked on, on a console, is the best one. It allows you to experience the new technology at your own pace doing something you enjoy doing so it's easier to grasp how everything works - and makes you want to play more.

I still remember that xmas. One of the best I'll always cherish, my own TV/n64/Zelda+5 games+three controllers. So much fun had on that system with me and my friends partying it up on goldeneye 64 or perfect dark - but it wouldn't have been possible without getting it as the gift I wanted.
I was on the fence when deciding to purchase a Nintendo 64 during it's launch period. I had already bought a Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn and thought that I was covered for all my gaming needs. But I was proven wrong, as soon as I saw the demo of Super Mario 64 running on a demo stand at my local game store. My jaw dropped and I knew that I had to own a N64 together with Super Mario 64, bought both in a matter of minutes.
My first N64 Game was Super Mario 64. I had so much fun with that game and with Mario Kart 64 (though i never 100% either lol). I still have it on my shelf for no particular reason along with Toy Story 2.

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