What annoys you the most?


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Apr 13, 2016
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I figured we might as well cut to the chase and have a thread about this. What have you seen on different sites that have completely bothered you?

For me one of the things have to be this...using multiple commas or periods then skipping the space after...i was on a forum where someone did an entire wall of text like this,,,and that had prompted me to ask that person why,,,as I had seen it before on unrelated threads and I wanted to know if there was any significance...sadly,,,that person elected to only use simple language to request for me to get of his case,,,and neglected to elaborate further...to this day I have no idea what prompts this form of grammar...
Well I get annoyed at the little things like what @Segata mentioned above and this like saying "ain't", t just sounds ugly to me. I have a lot of pet peeves, and the list just seems to continue to grow as I get older, which I guess is to be expected. I think that the one thing that annoys me the most, though, is having to repeat myself. It depends on the situation, but if it is a case where I know it is just them not listening, it really gets to me.
Can I axe you a question?
OMG. Im not the only one. Perchance are you from Louisiana? That is how everyone says it. I correct my daughter over and over. The new thing is "ickspecially." Here ill put it in a sentence:

Ima axe dem about it, ickspecially since they know what they talking about.