What are some good RPG games on Mobile?


May 25, 2016
So I'm looking through the PLAY store, and I'm trying to find an RPG. Nothing too fancy. Just give me a some stats, a weapon and a quest. Give me some rocks to smash for iron ore because the blacksmith needs to create 800 swords for the royal guard. Give me that, and I'll be happy.

The thing is, I must have downloaded hundreds of RPG games, but not one of them scratches that one itch for RPG. I've found RPG clickers, Idle RPG's, RPG's where you have 0 control over where your stats go, you name it. What I haven't found is an RPG that really draws me in as a player to be a part of that world.

But maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, so I would like to ask you fine people whether or not you have found a decent RPG game. If you have recommendations, please!
Hmm, I've always thought of mobile RPGs as being shovelware. The kind made in RPG Maker with the developer not using too much creativity.

If you want a real RPG, try Xenoblade Chronicles or better yet, Xenoblade X.
I just want something to kill some time on my phone. Nothing fancy.

And I looked at Maplestory. It destroys my phone D:
How about Shattered Pixel Dungeon? That's a good perma death in my opinion!
I've been trying to find one of these forever, mobile rpgs just arent there yet imo. It's kind of pick and choose and be entertained momentarily type thing, none of them have had the immersion value I'd have assumed I'd find by now. Still hopeful though :)
You could always get gens32 (or any working sega genesis emulator) and then go on coolrom.com and get some games like dungeons and dragons or doom?

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