What are you currently reading?


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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)

I must not be the only person on this forum who reads actual novels. So I decided to create this thread to discuss novels. This will also be a good place for me to pick up some new reading material.

Basically just post the book you are currently reading or have just finished.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

This book has a lot of emotion to it. It's about Hazel who has cancer. She carries around an oxygen tank and her cancer is something that she has to live with for the rest of her life. She attends a support group where she meets Augustus Waters. Yes, this is a love story. This love story isn't like any other love story you read. The characters are written in a very particular way. John Green writes this book giving his characters intelligence. The way both Hazel and Augustus hold a conversation is very heartwarming.
I am really bad at writing summaries but I highly highly recommend this book. I laughed and I cried at so many different parts. It's a heartwarming story and also it's being turned into a film coming out in June? The trailer was just released.

I highly recommend this book!

4/5 :D

Also if you have a goodreads.com account, you should add me. It's an awesome website that keeps organized your book list of books you want to read.
can i add a graphic novel? I'm on The Sandman vol 3. i wanted something to read i knew nothing about, and this didn't disappoint. it's a fantasy/horror story, so it ain't for the kids. cool topic
Great idea!

I'm finishing up Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes by Ella Cheever Thayer. It's a story about two people developing a romantic connection over telegraph in the late 1800s. It's fascinating how closely it resembles the texting/messaging environment today and how relevant it is to us. Most people at that time thought something like this must be a fantasy, but the author was a telegraph operator herself, and completely predicted how technology would change our lives and relationships. Here is a quote from the book.

"We will soon be able to do everything by electricity; who knows but some genius will invent something for the especial use of lovers? something, for instance, to carry in their pockets, so when they are far away from each other, and pine for the sound of 'that beloved voice,' they will have only to take up this electrical apparatus, put it to their ears, and be happy. Ah! blissful lovers of the future!"

You can download this book for free from Google Play.

dustinb12 said:
can i add a graphic novel? I'm on The Sandman vol 3. i wanted something to read i knew nothing about, and this didn't disappoint. it's a fantasy/horror story, so it ain't for the kids. cool topic
Comics are not books, sorry. :)
Haha no you can totally add it! ^ That seems like an interesting novel! I have no idea what to read next..

I heard the Divergent book series is really good so I think I might try reading that. I don't know. I need to chose something off of my list.
thanks iceskater, i know comics aren't for everyone :lol:
It's not that they're not for everyone, it's that they're not books ;)
sorry it's just hard to make suggestions not knowing the ages of other members. for example i had a big pretty post about "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" but i erased it before i finished. i wouldn't want someone suggesting it to my nine year old.
I wanna start reading the Harry Potter books again :D
I have only read them once (when they came out), and never since.
After that, I'll probably read something like Odyssey...
me too. i read all 3 books twice back to back. 99/100 for the set
averus said:
I wanna start reading the Harry Potter books again :D
Definitely should. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I loved the books. They are so much better than the movies because they have more content that isn't included in the movies.
I prefer books anyway. I watched the movies after I read all the books.
The movies aren't bad, but I like books much more. They let me imagine all the things the author has written, and that makes it a unique and personal experience :)
while we were down with the weather last week, we rewatched the last 3 movies. i'd love to get my hands on a good hardcover set. i loved the Half-blood prince. hardcovers are just so expensive
I own all 7 Harry Potter books in hardcover, I have been to two midnight release parties for the books, I have seen the last Harry Potter movie at the midnight showing, I am kind of an expert. :p
since I'm not spoiling it for you, i must admit Snape is one of favorite characters in all of fiction. i gasped out loud in the movie theatre when i watched his memory. he stole the WHOLE show for me.
Shame on me for not owning these books.

you get 100 Mario coins for being a very dedicated expert
Oh I was so excited for that sequence of events to be played out in theaters. Snape is an amazing character. I love what J.K Rowling did with him. He is absolutely amazing and probably one of my favorite characters in the whole entire series.
I Just read Gone With The Wind. Now I'm starting with my new book called [To Kill a mocking Bird.]
how was Gone with the Wind? i tried to watch the movie over the holidays, but commercials suck.

i enjoy some of the great epics, i did like East of Eden and Of Mice and Men

To Kill a Mockingbird is a fantastic book. i learned a lot lessons from it. it is also Clark Kent's favorite book. Ask Lois
So i finished the Sandman series, and i know this may not be the place for comics or graphic novels, but i'd like to suggest this to anyone who is into fantasy-horror type books. this was an amazing story, unlike anything I've ever read or could even think of. its not for the kiddies so be aware of that.

what's it about?

the Lord of Dreams everyday life is interrupted by a cult summoning him and imprisoning him, while trying to summon Death (who is Sister). they keep him for 70 years, and when he gets out, he must put all our dreams back in order. Some have decided to walk the earth and cause trouble. Some of the trouble comes from his other siblings who are called the Endless.

You will get hooked, don't say i didn't warn you
Okay honestly, I don't care if you're reading comics or graphic novels. I created the thread and it counts in here!