What are your favorite Mario enemies?


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
One of the first games my girlfriend and I each played as kids, and one of the first we played together, is the original Super Mario Bros. And with this year being the 30th anniversary of that game, we've been thinking a lot about the long history of SMB. We started talking about how iconic so many of the characters and enemies are. The Mario games have some of the most iconic and lovable enemies in any game.

So, I want to know what your favorite Mario enemies are!

We did a video about our five favorites, which you can watch here:

That was another good video. I will sign into my profile and sub to your channel, you continually make me laugh.

My personal top 5:

1. Chain Chomps. In any game, even Zelda had them. Chain chomps are notorious. Sometimes you couldn't beat them but had to survive them. Other times like in Mario 64 you could ground pound their stake and actually fight them at points. But they still are scary because they fly with lightning speed.

2.Bullet Bill. How can you make a list and not even mention Bullet Bill? He was responsible for a mass genocide of Marios over the decades, a notorious bandit!

3. Goombas. You covered them in intense detail; exactly my points on them.

4. Dry Bones. Like you said, the only way to beat them was the star. And they weren't handing them out.

5. Shy Guys. I love the encounters with multiple shy guys over the ages. Each of their incarnations were something to laugh and then ultimate jump on to defeat.

Good list!
My favorite one of the "standard" enemies are the Shy Guys, because they are probably the most interesting and creative enemy that the Mario games offer. In terms of "special" enemies my favorites are probably the four Koopa Bros from Paper Mario. Ninja Turtles reference in addition to a kick ass soundtrack? That's how you create memorable enemies.
I forgot to mention Bowser, in any incarnation. He was mainly always a fun fight to fight no matter the console or game he was on because he's the head bad guy. Mario 64's round arena was fun:

Favorite Mario Enemies, hmm let me see..I will have to go with the Hammer Brothers for the win.


Another one of my favorites is the Angry Sun


And last but not least...The Princess!
She is always pulling you into danger, making you fight enemies and bosses. Just to get to the end of the castle before you realized she dipped out on ya while you were dying to rescue her.


I always liked Lakitu:


He's just adorably menacing. AND in some games he can help or hinder you.
True, the help is getting his cloud, the danger is being killed. It outweighs! We have multiple lives. DIE MARIO GET THE CLOUD MUHAHA.evil.
I actually liked the wiggler! It was always easy to spot, but you had to have fire balls or a cape to kill it--a simple pounce on the head and it's red, raged, and trying hard to kill you =^.^=


Adorable. Annoying.

Also, unmentioned in my earlier posts, another additional enemy who I liked to fight/fought:


Yoshi-FI HIM!
I think most of my favorite enemies in the Mario franchise came from Super Mario 64. I liked the first boss that you had to play on that game and I liked to play against bowser as always. Also I liked the big rock that tries to fall on you, he was really cool to play against as well.
I vote for the boos, if only because there are several amusing theories and memes about who they may have been in their pre-death lives (an incredibly redundant phrase, I know): E.g. all of the boos are the ghosts of the lives that Mario lost and that's why they can't stand to look Mario in the face, King Boo is the ghost of Bowser, etc.
The chain chomp is my favourite enemy. He is so awesome, and I remember playing a minigame in Mario Party where you had to wash him down. After that he became my favourite enemy.
Ah yes, Chomp-Chomp would also rank high on my list of the Top Ten or so. "The Ole Ball & Chain," as I sometimes I call him! ;)
"Adorable and annoying" you say, Shimus? Are we talking about the Shy Guys here or my ex-wife? ;)

I'm going with the moles that pop out at you from the hills, in the first SNES Mario. Are these the same mole-like things that pop up and toss wrenches at you on the sub-boss ships in SMB 3?

....What about the guys wearing (American) football gear that come CHARGING at you in the SNES version? Could they be part of this mole-like species?
....What about the guys wearing (American) football gear that come CHARGING at you in the SNES version? Could they be part of this mole-like species?

Like your ex wife they're easily confused when bopped on the head. Wait...wait...the police are here asking for a statement. o_O

Just cuz' I liked to chuck them at enemies and watch them blow up for coins. Never got old.
I'm going old school here with the Hammer Brothers for Super Mario for the Nintendo! those little guys were and still are one of the hardest regular enemies in the game in my opinion. Get all the way to world 8 and get "Noob" Moved by a hammer. Or the Annoying Angry Sun...that prick was not too hard to learn how to jump but was just over all annoying.
Likitu is one of the cooler ones. He would float around on a cloud and drop spinys on you. It would be frustrating on those fast moving levels.
Thereare too many to list for me but here are 5 of some of my favorite Super Mario Brothers Villians
1: Shy guys... they're too adorablr for words <3
2: Toad... double finger defense and "Sorry Mario your princess is in A~NOTHER CASTLE!!!!!"
3: Bowser, he tries to provide for his kids... even though he fails alot.....
4: Piranha Plants.. I want one in my front lawn
5: Bullet Bill... The slowest impending doom EVER....

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