What are your strategies in Slither.io?


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Jun 10, 2016
Wii U
I personally really like this game, I played it a lot when I was my high school classes.
I gained my own strategies on how to kill the smaller snakes easy and avoid the bigger and more annoying ones.
Eventually you learn how to play along with the lag (if you had any).
If you were ever being chased in a parallel form, you go the opposite direction and just make circles. They will either back off or eventually run into you.
Another strategy I gained was if you are ever just minding your own business and found yourself getting trapped by a bigger snake, you just zoom out of there quick.
If you fail to do that, there is still another way to get out that situation.
The bigger snake that is circling you has a goal to make your area to move around in smaller and smaller, they can't do this without getting into your area even slightly. All you have to do is follow their head and manage to cut them off, thus killing them.
These are tips I've found helpful, how about you?
I recently discovered the game. I think the best strategy is not having lag or a bad mouse. After all, the skills of playing the game are easily learned, the real issue is either learning to play along with the lag, as you suggest. Problem is if your lag is really unpredictable like mine, lol.