What Classic editions do you want Nintendo to come out with after the NES Classic?


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Apr 13, 2016
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The NES was a little before my time (try a decade) so I don't have much familiarity with the games, but I can see Nintendo coming out with Classic editions of other consoles, such as the SNES, N64, Gameboys, DS, and maybe even oddballs such as the VirtualBoy.

The SNES and N64 Classic editions should be familiar, but the others do have interesting prospects.

The Gameboy can be a slimmer version of the Color, and it may be possible to bring the price down to $50 or less. Or Nintendo could come out with an ultrapocketable system that might be a GBA SP shrunk down a little with the Micro's screen, with the best from the entire Gameboy library.

A Virtual Boy Classic is doable, and could look like a Gear VR clone with a matching controller.

Wow, I like the concept of the game boy having all the games on it. Those are some cool ideas that I would support. I would also like to see a mobile gaming device that has game packs for systems like Neo Geo, and SNES. This could be really cool and also be a great business move.

There are plenty of kids out there I can see this being a market for. Lots of games back then could be great for younger kids to play a they were really basic and fun.
Saturn Mini. I almost said Neo Geo but we saw show shitty that turned out with Neo Geo X.
The Nintendo 64 would be a great release, a new version of that sweetie would make many people spend some bucks on it, just saying.
A lot of things including.....

1. GBA mini
2. SNES mini
3. Gamecube Mini ( this would be the easiest to do since emulating the games will be difficult so a built in system will work wonders!)
4. N64 Mini
5. DS Mini ( yeah kinda pointless right now but later on?)

Make any one of these happen and I will pour my money with joy!
A Gameboy would be awesome. I was not thinking that at all when I opened the thread, but I like it. Although, the N64 Mini and Gamecube Mini would be pretty cool. I think that I would take any of them to be quite honest, but I do like all Nintendo products so this is really no surprise. Not sure about the Virtual Boy Classic, but it sounds intriguing.
I would like to see the Nintendo 64 classic edition with all the nostalgic games pre-loaded. Maybe a gameboy too, but mostly I want to see the N64. It was my favorite Nintendo console. And I am planning on buying a used one next month. So far the search hasn't gone well but I am hopeful.
I would say the Nintendo 64 would definitely be awesome. I know I would run to get one.
you know, i want a Mario Kart edition. Yeah, one with ALL the tracks they ever had. And all the ghost times. And it would be awesome if i could make my own Grand Prix's, like 4 Rainbow Roads, 4 Luigi's Circuit's etc.
If Nintendo ever decides to produce another miniature version of a past console (SNES, N64, GameCube, etc.), I hope that they'll include titles that never made it to America and not just feature only titles that did make it here.
I rather they focus on the titles we remember from our childhood. It seems the NES Classic can be easily hacked, so maybe we can have all the games we want.

I honestly don't see anything wrong with adding Japanese-exclusive titles to those already available. You'll still be able to enjoy the games you knew and loved as a kid, just with more options. How's that a bad thing? o_O
i would consider getting an SNES only because i got into SEGA during that run. I regret that at this point a little bit. But I'm not buying into a cool toy that has games I've bought sometimes twice at this point. Maybe a 64 too but I'm not busting my chops to find the NES.

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