What Colors Of the Switch would you like to see


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Jan 16, 2017
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Are these actual colour variants for the switch or fan-made?

Edit: just read the thread title
If I could just get a dark green like the 3rd to last one, that'd be great. I don't need the zelda emblems, just a nice, dark shade of green.
These colors...Green, Wine and Champagne or transparent in those colors.
I really like the Pokemon one and I wouldn't mind a similarly themed one to the new 3DSs, could always get some cases for them anyway
You can get some really good ones for the 3DS, but unfortunately skins have a really big problem on the switch, so is not a good idea!
(see this reddit thread for an official statement made by a company that tried, and had to recall them...)

Pity though, as some of the images at the top of this thread look absolutely stunning! (particularly like the gold zelda one up there better than even the official one you can actually buy, so whoever designed these images did a really great job of them, and kudos to your graphic design skills!)
If you're struggling to wait I'm sure some companies do cases for the switch
I'm getting the PDP Zelda skin. Except it's on back order so I have to wait.
How long was the wait on yours? Zelda's a popular franchise, and that's the trouble with popular stuff. Getting hold of popular things can often be like trying to catch gold dust. Fortunately alot of the switch stuff is starting to catch up way more than things were at the time of the console launch, but there's still the odd few things that can be a nightmare to get hold of.
...It's still on back order, but it still recognizes my order. I'll cancel it if it doesn't ship next month
I don't blame you! We're almost two months into the switch coming out now, so yeah, that's completely unacceptable. How long ago did you order it?
I kinda panicked a bit when some of my stuff kept having the pre-order dates get set back eachj time. But if its any consolation though, even when that happened to me on the PDP case, as it's on a reservation system Amazon still dispatched it when they said they would despite the dates on the page going up. SO I think any new dates only count for new customers placing fresh orders (except for truly pre-order stuff that hasn't yet been released, which they really can shift the real dates on you for). But I think those zelda skins have actually been out though, and that they just can't make enough to supply everyone. So if that's the case, yours will probably be reserved, and you might be okay. Still annoying though when it happens,especially when you're looking forward to stuff.

Got a nice surprise with some date changes the other day though, where it happened the opposite way round. The Darksiders Warmastered Edition game for WiiU that I had pre-ordered that was previously saying December 2017 (and to be delivered in January 2018), now seems to be saying that it will come on May 23rd this year. (So I don't mind when it happens that way round) www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01JIQYYGC
Wish I could say that the switch stuff would all be that easy (and super Mario Odysee seems to show some quite conflicting dates between the usa and uk amazons, so I reckon that both of those are just guestimates, and god knows which will be the true date in the end for that one).

Thankfully the mariokart wheels all seem to be in stock though, so looks like both of the ones of those I ordered should arrive on time at least. (though I had better not tempt fate on that one) lol.

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