What condition is your GameCube in?

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Jan 21, 2015
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I lost mine in my many various moves from house to house (I quite expect someone helping me lifted it, because I'm careful with my consoles!) and I haven't had it for ages. Just an emulator.

Makes me wonder if some people still have their original console and what condition it's in.

Let me know!
I just looked at my friends cube and barely found any scratches. Now if we can find his game selection and controls, it'd be nice to take it out of storage.
Yeh, I know how that feels. I have friends who still have their GCubes too. It was an amazing system back in its prime days, know what I mean?
Yeah, and so underrated. Just like most Nintendo game consoles, they're always undersold by SONY PlayStation, or the MICROSOFT XBOX line of consoles, Nintendo has been around longer than any of them. And yet because of their lack of marketing in my public market (America) the other companies I mentioned have a lion's share of the stock. SO underrated.

Too many good games, and a lot of them had the ability to just pick up a controller and play, like most trademark Nintendo games. Tales of Symphonia being one.
My Gamecube and my Wii both drowned in a flood. I bought a new wii but I couldn't find a GC. I can still play it a friends house though, even though it doesn't matter considering I can play GC games on my wii so it is all good. PHEW!
I still have my gamecube and thankfully it is still in good condition. I have kept it safe up in the attic all these years so it's only threat was squirrels and homeless people.
I always keep a few GCs around, yep. Never know when a friend will be in need!
Generally, I like to take care of all my stuff. Fortunately Nintendo also happen to manufacture pretty robust consoles and handhelds, so that's a bonus. All my Nintendo consoles are in a great condition, including my GameCube. I even kept the box with all the inserts and manuals but I never packed the console away.
Saw a barely used Game Cube at a yard sale today. Only 20 bucks for a console with games and a controller. Couldn't really say not to that, but I didn't get there first - my friends did! But at least I know it'll be in playable vicinity... and I'll prowl more yard sales.
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