What condition is your GBA in?


Jun 1, 2014
Game Boy Micro
What Condition is your GBA in?

Mine is in Extremely Perfect Condition, I've Never Dropped it or Scratched it.

I clean it Once a Week. :3
I have no idea - I gave away to one of the kids I used to watch. That said I trusted him to be responsible with it, so I'm not especially worried or anything.
2 in almost perfect condition because they are newly refurbished. New cases, new screens, new buttons. 2 in good condition. All 4 GBA SP with back lighting. Enjoying playing GB, GBC, and GBA on the retron 5 now.
I don't think "broken" would be the best word to use here.... it is completely in shambles. The screen is slightly cracked, the casing has been pried off, the buttons take an extra hard pressing to actually register as a button press, and the D-pad no longer has four directions (the down button just refuses to work).

I bought the Nintendo DS during the last few days of my Game Boy Advance SP's lifetime, so I really didn't bother with refitting or refurbishing it. My loss, I feel now.
It's...not great I think. Honestly I haven't seen it in quite some time. I think I may have given it to my younger cousin because he wanted it to play the earlier Pokemon games on...I think he asked for it because he only had a 3DS and a DS lite, which obviously didn't allow for GBA games to be played on them. Mine was one of the original purple GBAs. None of this fancy SP nonsense!
My GBA is in fine condition except for one just teensy weensy minor thing..the backing that keeps the batteries in place is MIA. So, it's practically unplayable. But, it still works just fine, no cracked screens or anything.
I own both a gold Pokemon Gameboy Advance and a silver GBA Pocket. Unfortunately I did drop both of them at various times but I always buy protective cases and screen protectors for my consoles, so they didn't sustain any damage! I loved the GBA and carried mine everywhere and was constantly playing, whether I was riding in the car or standing in line at a store or waiting for a friend. The games are classic. :)
It got lost in a move a long time ago sadly.. I want to get another one so bad!!
My GBA is in semi-perfect condition! I just need to change the batteries, and it'll run just as it used to when it first came out.
the backing that keeps the batteries in place is MIA. So, it's practically unplayable.
You could just buy a replacement backing. Or hell, hold them in place with some sellotape
My GBA is safely stored away in a drawer somewhere, and I haven't used it in years. It's not in bad shape, I remember it having a few scratches here and there. I also put a Pikachu sticker on it because I thought it was cute. It's in very fine working condition, so I could still sell it for a good price(though I don't know how much GBAs sell for nowadays).
My GBA is in perfect condition and covered in stickers! It works so well but I'm not sure I could take my copy of pokemon sapphire out of it if I tried! :D
Unfortunately, my GBA got destroyed in a house fire a couple of years back. I keep saying that I am going to go out and get a new one, but I have not had time in between my wii sessions.
My GBA is probably in pieces. I had the original GBA and I would play it all the time. I left it behind in my apartment when I moved (I've moved a couple of times since then) so I really don't know what happened to it. If it's not broken I'm sure that it is pretty close.
Somewhere stuffed in the closet of what was previously my bedroom in my parents' house... there is a glacier GBA covered in Harry Potter stickers. It probably still has Pokemon Gold in it. I think it's the only game system my parents didn't try to trade in when buying me a newer one.
I keep my handhelds pretty pristine, sitting in storage when not in use. But I've recently sold almost all of them to continue affording to live where I live. I miss them, I miss them a lot. It was a good rainbow color GBA too.
I have had my GBA for a very long time. It still plays well, but the keys stick a bit and the games take several attempts to launch. It is still playable, but its age shows.
Works perfectly, but the screen has a few imperfections/minor scratches and the battery cover is gone. I bought it used way back in the day and it already had most of the details on the screen, so I've given it careful use throughout the years. Haven't played it for a good 2 years now, though.
Mine is in Extremely Perfect Condition, I've Never Dropped it or Scratched it.

I clean it Once a Week. :3

Same here, take care of my GBA and all my other systems. I regularly clean my handhelds and consoles with a microfiber cloth so as to ensure that I don't scratch them in any way. I also put them back in their original boxes if I won't be playing on them for a while. Whenever I visit pawn shops, I'm amazed at how badly folks have treated their handhelds. Seen plenty of Nintendo GBA's, DS's & 3D's with scratched and cracked screens, it's truly sad.