What Do You Think Of Kinect and PS Move?


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Apr 2, 2013
I've tried these things and they got old for me really fast. I think it's a noble idea that they are trying to promote movement with gaming systems instead of the usual stuff that can turn people into a couch potato, however I find that it isn't really achieving its goals when the games available for it aren't as addictive as the traditional controller based ones. I think of these more as novelty accessories that you can play once or twice and is much easier for people at parties can get into. But other than being interesting or cute, I don't see much value in these. What do you guys think?
I think they were trying to steal the Wii's thunder, but failed to get the point. The Wii is all about getting everyone involved and implementing gameplay in a new and interesting way. This doesn't show up in the copies Microsoft and Sony dropped, because they just were trying to tap into Nintendo's market. So the Kinect and the Move are either just sort of pasted on or they are used very poorly. Either way they suck.