What do you want from the next Metroid title?


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Mar 26, 2013
Most fans of most any generation of the Nintendo hardware can say they eagerly awaited the arival of a Metroid title. I know I've been a fan since the very first one and eagerly ran my way through Metroid II: Return of Samus. Super Metroid and the Gameboy Advance titles that followed some years later also captivated me. All three Metroid Prime games had their highs and lows but were generally enjoyable and the recent Other M, too I thought was a mixed bag.

With a new system comes new hope for another installment of the time honored series. What would you like to see make a return? What new features are you hoping for from Samus and her Chozo suit? How would you like to see the WIi U's controller integrated into the gameplay?

For me, the one thing I'm hoping for more than anything is an encounter with the Mother Brain. As the series' iconic villain, I feel she's been a hair under represented and I found Other M's approach to her more than a little unsatisfying.

I would love to see the touch screen used in true map plotting of a genuinely open world. Metroid has always been about exploration and going the extra mile and making it more like a sandbox environment that has to genuinely be plotted would be great fun. Of course, I want all my favorite powers to come back like the ice beam, wave bean and power bombs. We have yet to see Kraid rendered in a modern title. Imagine fighting a towering angry reptile in HD!
I want full-blown remakes of Metroid 1 (not Zero Mission) and Metroid 2 for the big screen, with hand-drawn sprites and an optional re-arranged soundtrack (but the 8-bit soundtracks must stay too).
Oh yeah! I have been dying for a remake of Metroid II:Return of Samus. Considering it's age and the console it's on, it really is still a great game. But the addition of map plotting, fleshing out the story a bit and bringing new life to the backgrounds would be stellar. Who do we have to pester to get them to give it the Zero Mission treatment?
Here's an idea for a Metroid game. How about a version of Other M that re-writes the story so that it's actually good. One where the writing is good and the portrayal of Samus actually does her justice. Maybe the folks over at Retro Studios can produce the game and write for it.
rocketracoon said:
Maybe the folks over at Retro Studios can produce the game and write for it.
No thanks, Retro should stay away from Metroid. As flawed as Other M was, at least the gameplay was true to the real Metroid games, and it was totally fun to play.
crunchyg said:
As flawed as Other M was, at least the gameplay was true to the real Metroid games...
No it wasn't. The real Metroid games had backtracking and exploration and an incentive to explore the environments and Other M took it away. It forced you to go on a liner pathway from start to finish and never let you truly look around. So, in all, the Prime games are the true 3D successor to Super Metroid. Other M is just a generic beat-em-up with Metroid slapped all on it. So stop sucking up to Other M and accept that it's a putrid abomination.

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