What feature do you most want to see from the NX?


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Apr 12, 2016
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I want to see a $250 handheld with a TV HDMI port, at least slightly more power than the Wii U, uses cartridges for ultra portable size, and has great 3rd party support like new Maddens and NBA games coming to it.
That would be interesting, Nintendo have always been the best at creating handheld consoles so it's possible that they will go down that route and the HDMI port would be a good feature too. I think it will more likely be more of a successor to the Wii U as opposed to the 3DS though because they still seem to be supporting the 3DS quite heavily whereas there aren't many Wii U games coming out now. If the NX is a handheld/home console hybrid though it would be interesting to see if they use discs or cartridges as the main way of playing games or if they will bypass that entirely and have download only games (which I wouldn't be a fan of at all).
I actually think it's going to be a handheld or more of one, and here is why... awhile back, there was a rumor that manufacturers were producing X numbers of the Nintendo NX, and it was a huge number. Beyond Wii U sales almost. That number could just about only be tied to a 3DS successor.
If manufacturers truly have been making that many NXs it's a good indication that Nintendo are confident about their new console. They would be more confident with a handheld given their previous successes in the portable market, so that makes sense. But that could also imply that they are confident about their new home console too (which would be less understandable). Either way I hope they have a lot up their sleeves for this year's E3, if they have, maybe they are right to be confident...
^ This pretty much. I'm in the camp of give me a standard console with a standard controller that's powerful and we're golden. But that's not going to happen.
I like your list, they are comprehensive.

For me the most important are #4, #5 and #7.

4.) Keep the Second Screen on the Controller
5.) Don't Make Us Purchase Games We Already Own
7.) Backwards Compatible
Respectfully, I am fine with weird controllers and accessories. The only other alternative is add more power, I think, and I don't think power is the bottleneck these days. Just look at Xenoblade X on the Wii U, it looks great and has a huge world. I think the real bottleneck is still the talent of developers.
I'll have to disagree with you there. I have no problem with the way Xenoblade looks but I also don't think it's a fantastic looking game either.
I would love it if it used something, smaller than an NES game, but still in the same style. Almost like a GBA game. I love the cartridges. I welded a display shelf for them to sit on, and when i need them they are all organized for me. Can't do that with a disc or card now can you?
Proper account system, modern online features. More games, on a regular basis. Something that sets it apart from the other consoles.
1. Internal 2.5" HDD bay. It's time.
2. cloud backup-synchronization of games and game saves between systems and compatible platforms.

1. Gamecube controller support - or a proper gamecube-style wireless controllers with analog triggers. I'm hoping on the latter.
2. Supplementary game ports - you can plug in a expansion pack which you can then plug your old NES/SNES/N64 games into - even a mini gamecube drive with memcard slots

After that, I don't really care. I really think Nintendo should revisit the Gmaecube controller and make it the standard, like how all Playstation and Xbox controller stay pretty much the same. Not even the new Pro controllers compare to the NGC controller.
I'd like to see party chat. I'm hoping it still uses Miiverse as I'm a fan of that. I wouldn't mind something similar to trophies and achievements. would be nice to be able to capture footage and stream too.
Well I really like how @NintendoReport kept is short, sweet and simple. Sometimes when I hear a giant list of new features and things to look for, I get a little nervous and just hope that they have the basics down. I would rather have my expectations met with little hassle or frustrations then have a bunch of new things to try. I guess it just depends on the person though. Thanks for sharing.
I came a little late to the game, and as a total newbie, I don't know enough about the game yet to be able to put forward a strong opinion, but judging from your comprehensive list and all the items on everyone's wish list, there seems to be a lot that can be done to improve the gaming experience. Let's hope a lot of those wishes come true.
1. I want Nintendo to be focused on games. I dont want movies, a tv remote, a health monitor, VR, mobile, etc... I want a system which delivers AAA gaming content.

2. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I dont want "aysmetric" gameplay, or every input mechanism imaginable crampedinto the controller. Or detachable controllers, etc

3. No more friend codes.

4. Region free, multi lingual support.

On a sytrategy/business level, i want them to market the system the way they did the Wii. And i want them to improve third party relations.
No matter what we might want to see, I have no doubt that Nintendo already have their own plans as to what we're going to get with the NX, and none of what we have said will be in there knowing them! They do tend to look at their consoles, accessories and games from a 'odd' angle if you want to call it that, and by already re-introducing the cartridge as what as been rumoured proves that.

Ask what any gamer want's to see from the Nintendo NX, and I wouldn't have thought that many (if any) would say what we really want is to see Nintendo bring back the cartridges, but it looks like that's exactly what they're doing.

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