What game got you into PC gaming?

To be honest I've always been a Console first guy, but Parsec ( https://parsecgaming.com/ ) managed to change that instantly. Being able to play a local multi-player game with anyone who has the free app (Instead of only local friends like the Wii U, or only people who have a PS4 like Sony) has made the PC version of any game the go to version for me.
My first PC games I ever played were titles like Tetris, Prarie Dogs, BangBang, Odell's Down Under, Mouse Trap, and other old windows 95 games on my grandma's computer.
Then I played OregonTrail, Number Muncher, and Word Munchers at school.
The first PC games I played a lot though were the Worms games and Army Men games.

I was always a console and handheld gamer mostly, but my friend was a big PC gamer and I played Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, Driver, Tropico, and a bunch of other PC games at his house.
I played call of duty long ago. And then several others such as Max Payne and all

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