What game uses the 3D function best?


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Jul 16, 2014
During the rare times I use the 3D function on the 3DS, I noticed that some games have excellent depth usage, which results in increased immersion along with visuals that really pop out, like a "true 3D experience." For example, whenever I use the 3D function while I play Kid Icarus: Uprising, I feel as if I'm actually flying through the environment in the stages. So, in your opinion, what game uses the 3D function best?
I don't have a 3ds, but my friend has one and I borrow it from time to time to play.
So far, I've enjoyed playing it with the 3d off. I guess I'm not used to 3d yet.
The only game I played with 3d on was a Zelda title (I don't remember which) that I played for a couple of minutes, just to try it out.

It gave me a real feeling of a 3d world :)
The nintendo made games are really the only ones that have taken advantage of that.
Pretty much, and Second Party games which are making them exclusive for the 3DS. Ports will always just be ports, ad make bad use of the actual console.
Myst is probably the worst port so far.. The CG wasn't even on the top screen....
i still say Luigi's Mansion. Mario Golf looks great, but it's very hard for me to play in 3d, other than watching replays.
I'm soon starting Bravely Default, so my opinion may change
From what I've heard, Bravely Default looks amazing
Luigi's Mansion is my favorite so far, but Kid Icarus: Uprising does look amazing!!

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is really beautiful as well~ but the first two I liked more.
Probably Link between worlds. Not only does it remind me of Fez, but it has it's own unique twist on the 3d aspect, and uses the 3ds features to it's advantages. Other Second and Third party titles never fully take advantage of the capabilities of the 3DS, it's mostly official, first party Nintendo games.
I don't use the 3DS function much, hurts my eyes.
When I was playing KIU though, the 3D was amazing, just like OP I felt like I was flying, but also that (spoiler) "ending" where Hades pops out, that was great. Not only did I not expect it, but the 3D made it even better!
I usually turn on 3D for Mario Kart 7, just because it feels much more immersive for me and it makes me feel like I'm actually navigating around a material world. For the the other games, I usually just leave it off since it gets blurry when I jostle around my 3DS too much.
In terms of games that look aesthetically pleasing in 3D, Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default are my top choices. The 3D isn't particularly useful, but the little details in both games really pop when they're in 3D. It's nice when I'm doing some heavy gaming, but for casual commutes, I just turn it off.