What games should Nintendo use for Smartphone?


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Nov 16, 2014
As of March 17, 2015, Nintendo has announced that they are pushing for their games to be on Smartphones! This means that we are able to play Mario on the go!

I don't know about all of you, but I am more than excited and would actually pay the application fee just to get Nintendo games on my phone!

Obviously the games that they will be putting on Smartphones are Mario-related. But what other games do you hope to see from Nintendo in a Smartphone? What would you pay money and download for?
It seems like the most played on the go game that has been played by all age groups is Tetris. That is a timeless game that anyone, even my grandmother can play. It would only make sense that they bring that out to the masses just to get the word out that Nintendo is back.
Mario for sure and I think Kirby would work well on Smartphones as well. I'd don't know what title I'd be willing to pay all that much for since I'd much rather play on a 3ds than a phone but I guess I'll wait and see how Nintendo rolls this out.
It seems that fairly simply puzzle games that pass the time waiting for the bus do rather well in the smart phone market, e.g. Candy Crush and Angry Birds. As such, Nintendo would do quite well porting classics like Tetris and Dr. Mario to smartphone platforms--and then develop new games in a similar vein.
as many silly racing games i've seen people playing tilting their phones, how bout FZero?
FZero is a good suggestion, and since we're getting to that territory: I'll suggest Mario Kart and StarFox as well!
fairly simply puzzle games that pass the time waiting for the bus do rather well in the smart phone market, e.g. Candy Crush and Angry Birds. As such, Nintendo would do quite well porting classics like Tetris and Dr. Mario to smartphone platforms

In that same respect the Yoshi tetris-style game for the NES. That would be epic for me because I got lost in that game.
I totally forgot about those Yoshi puzzle games! Those were fun, even comparable to Tetris and Dr. Mario, and like them an updated version would probably do quite well as a smartphone game! (Then again, I bet that even an updated and improved version of the infamous Hotel Mario would do well as a smartphone game--not that Nintendo would do that!)
FZero is a good suggestion ... StarFox as well!
Yeah a racing smartphone platform for F-Zero would be cool, especially with online racing and quick matches
As for Star Fox, maybe dogfights or quick missions would be satisfying
Like a quick and revamped smartphone version of Titania from SF64, for example
Gotta find an easy way to control on touchscreen, though
I think Kirby and F Zero would do great as a smartphone game. Having a good racing game on the market that can be played on your phone would make a killing.
For me, I see it as each character has an integral part in the genera. Like for instance, Zelda for me would be a perfect infinity blade clone. Especially riding horse back. The second one would be a side scrolling auto runner for Mario (obvious) a Mario kart is almost Necessary for mobile. And a match three of some kind so I'd say a super smash brothers match three game.

My hopes, though, as lofty as they are, I'd love to see a super smash brothers button clicker where everyone you can think of are hitting the ssmb punching bag. To me, that'd be perfect
I'd definitely look into an F-Zero game, it would lend itself well to the mobile platform. I guess you could do a Maze Runner type game with Mario too...
I think they should put a Virtual Console on the smart phone as well as PC.
An Animal Crossing spin-off would be wondrous for my iPhone. The main focuses of the series (collection, interaction with other players, daily changes) would mesh very well with the pick up and play two minutes a day time playstyle that many phone games have. Let's just hope that microtransactions would be kept to a minimum...
Chibi-Robo in a similar style to Zip-Lash and Dr. Mario.
Mario Kart definitely! I'd love to see something like that for phones!
I'm on board with the Mario Kart and Animal Crossing ideas, those series seem like they would thrive on the things that mobile platforms offer.
I'm a huge fan of mobile soccer. So, I'd be glad to find out that a new Nintendo mobile soccer game saw the light of day.
To tell you the truth for know i think it would be most practical for them to use the classic gamboy/gba games. Maby even some original nintendo games. They have the least controls, which lord knows people don't want to not be able to look at they're screen because there are to many buttons they are putting there figures on. I guess if they made some add on that looked like an n64 controller that you put your phone on as a screen then that might be a bit more practical of an idea. Until then GBA games... AWAY!
GBA Games are awesome, it shouldn't be an issue. the GBA had the largest library, next to the DS Lite, that a handheld has ever seen. If we could get a legal emulator from nintendo to play NES and even just GB classics for a buck a piece I think that there would be a market for it.

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