What happened to your N64?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Mine is missing some connectors, but pretty much is still brand new. Has the expansion pack in the memory slot, and the rumble packs for the controllers with additional memory. However, no power bar and AV adapter and my games are somewhere else. But I'm happy to have found it!
Mine is actually still in perfect condition. It's a little dusty, because I haven't used it in a while, but everything is functioning properly, nothing is broken and it doesn't even have a single scar. The only thing that's not really working anymore is my third controller, because as I've learned combining a gamepad with coke isn't the smartest thing to do.
Heh, I understand that feeling. Only it was my cat, and it was an involvement with a glass of water being spilled over the one controller so I lost one of my two. But luckily most of it remains in tact. I still even have rumble packs, memory packs, the old expansion slot (pre-expansion pack) and the expansion pack. I wonder as a combined unit if it's go for a lot of money...
Seems to really be more determined on which N64 you have as opposed to whether it's complete.

I also have one in pretty good condition. Minus my idiotic initials that, for some reason, we all thought was a brilliant idea growing up to mark our territory. Like the carving equivalent of peeing on things you own.
Wait, are the N64 controllers really that fragile? I would have thought they could easily withstand a bit of water. I also still have the Rumble Pack, Expansion Pack and several Memory Packs, but I highly doubt that a set like this would sell for much. If I remember correctly we have a store right here where I live and they're selling a used N64 with 2 gamepads, a Rumble Pack, a Memory Pack and a copy of Mario Kart for ~50€. I do believe a cartridge of Smash Bros alone is already worth more than the actual console + the packs and controllers.
64 controllers have the tendency to become loose. That's really the biggest problem with that controller. However, depending on how wet something may get: Absolutely. Electric things & water do not mix.
They could have withstood "A little water"

This was not a little. I drink big gulp glasses of water so I didn't have to get up while gaming. One of those, tipped over is going to destroy anything electrical.
Electric things & water do not mix.

Guess I've been quite lucky then, because one of my old Playstation 2's has been hit by way more than one glass of water, and it has survived all of them without any kind of problem. I always thought that unplugging the console/gamepad and waiting for it to dry is enough to avoid any form of permanent damage.
This was not a little. I drink big gulp glasses of water so I didn't have to get up while gaming.

lol Yep, drinking an abundance of water is problematic in every way as a gamer except healthwise. Funnily enough I don't keep open cups around my gaming situation. I tend to have a closable water bottle handy & put my beer 2 miles way on a table. :D
I still have my Nintendo 64 hooked up to the television. Unfortunately, with my brother and I leaving for school, we haven't played it in such a long time that it's incredibly dusty and furry (we have a cat) that it won't work because of it. We are working on restoring our Nintendo 64 for the summer because we want to have a Nostalgic summer just playing games and being kids before the real world really takes us in. But never would we ever give away our consoles. We have collected SO MANY over the years that giving them away is just blasphemy; not even if we are in need of money. Consoles stay with us forever.
I wish I could say the same. I'd rather have a roof over my head or food on my table then an old nostalgic video game system. I've sold off so much of my old collection to stay afloat between rough patches I wish I could take it back.

But they will remain forever in our memories, eh?
Sorry that you had part with your things. I'm one of those people who grow excessively attached to objects and refuse to throw much of it away, although as a married man with kids nowadays, I've learned to let go of some stuff, too.

Anyway, on topic, I have my good old N64 in pretty much perfect condition. Actually hooked up to my TV and still play it every other week. Still have all my games.
My wife, similarly, kept hers in perfect condition. So we actually have 5 controllers, all working, about 20-25 games (Donkey Kong 64 twice, even :p) and both consoles in top shape. We've thought about getting another Smash Bros. and organizing an 8-player tournament with friends!
I think I still have it, actually - well, technically. I haven't taken it out in ages, but I'm about 99% certain it's in my little sister's closet, along with all of my games. She's a gamer as well and tends to "borrow" a lot of my old stuff. Though to her merit, if I ask for it back then she gives it to me with no fuss.

In any case, I am a sentimental pack-rat and I've kept all my old systems, just in case I wanted to break them out again.
I still have my N64 and brought it out around Christmas time to show my son some of the games I used to play when I was younger. He really likes the controller, and found it easier to handle than the Wii, so I've let him keep it out. He's a racing fanatic so Diddy Kong Racing is his favourite at the moment!
Still own my N64 and it's in perfect condition, controllers are working fine I'm happy to add. I've even kept the box but got rid of all the inserts inside to store other stuff in there. Like most Nintendo products, it's a well-built console that was meant to last if not under a lot of abuse. It also helps that it's a cartridge based console, fewer moving parts and none of the issues an optical drive would have given after several years.

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