What happens to Metroid from here on?


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Jun 27, 2016
Well Federation Force got reviews and the results are mixed but honestly, that is really to be expected seeing how the reactions themselves proved that it would end up like this.

So if this bombs, what's to expect in this series? Is it going to be dormant like F-Zero and StarFox or will it fade away like Chibi-Robo?

Look, I know its depressing and I really want the best out of the series but the future doesn't look so good for the series especially knowing that its the 30th anniversary of Metroid. And it all depends on how well Federation Force will do as well. If it sinks, will Nintendo dump Metroid? If it does well, will Metroid look/be like this forever?

So what do you guys think?
after seeing what's coming up from the Direct, i have to say it looks like Nintendo is stalling. In other words, (i hate to be negative but) why do we need Super Mario Maker, Woolley World and Pikmin on 3ds when i just finished those on wii u? i really thought the wii u would be the platform for an awesome Metroid epic. The graphics and sound are there, we could have had that creepy Super Metroid aura. Ah well, maybe they are stalling for all that on the NX.

Nothing against side scrollers, but it's past time to branch out
I think we see something on NX. And it will be Prime 4. Just won't be called Prime 4 me thinks. Ending of Fed force sure follows up on Prime 3 ending. So maybe the next one will be a proper Prime but have a subtitle like Metroid Prime:Vendetta. It will follow the Prime 3 and Fed Force endings.
see, i like that idea! i have the prime trilogy ready on my wii u VC i need to go through. I started it but it kind of made me dizzy
The thing I don't understand here is why did it take so long to make this game happen if it was suppose to be released for the DS line up? This game deserved proper reviews seeing as how the game itself is trying to prove that it is a Metroid title.