What if NX is two products?


Jul 2, 2016
We've been hearing about a 2-in-1...

Well what if it is 2 different products(SKUs), a handheld and a home console?

Both use the same media, the same "guts", the same button layout and will play the same games, and share the same online space and stores. The home console comes with a bundled controller, the handheld come with a screen(duh).

Buy one if you want just one experience home/portable or both and all your games go between them.
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That was the original rumor, but all the recent focus on the handheld (which is launching first) confused the rumourmill.
Well I had not heard this original rumor, but maybe that just goes to show you how involved I am in these things before they are released. I think at this point I try to avoid the rumors and pre-release talk because I just end up getting myself too excited and setting expectations too high, and that never ends up working out well. I think that it would make things interesting, but more than that I am not too sure. Interesting though, and thanks for sharing.
It would be a great idea to release two different products in order to somehow raise the sales because Nintendo has been falling really deep since the Xbox and the PS4 got released, therefore, they kind of need a big change in their market, as soon as possible.
That has confused me a bit. I have seen a image that show that. I really don't know what to believe, we will just have to wait. It could be just a decoy to confuse their competitors.

I'm tired of all the rumor, I don't even watch rumor/leak videos anymore because they all have been way off point over the years. I hear so much about this system, but no one really knows what it's going to be.

I think Nintendo is getting every one's hopes up, but they might create something that will destroy Nintendo, I hope they don't I love this company, they always create unique stuff, but all the anticipation is making me crazy.
@YoshiBoy I honestly think that they have to do this. They are a small company and if one of the big companies decides to move into the market it could make life difficult for Nintendo. They are trying to protect themselves the best way they can.
Rumours and speculation leading up to the release of a new console is always fun to read and watch, and while there are some reputable sites out there, I wouldn't be betting any amount of money on any of the rumours being true. I'm sure we all enjoy trying to find out what Nintendo are going to do with their new console, and when times are sometimes a bit quiet on the gaming front then it's this kind of speculation that keeps the forums active.

Just don't believe everything that you read and see, and try and keep an open mind no matter how believable that rumour might be. Nintendo have a history of doing things a little differently, and I think they will also throw in a few surprises on this launch that we don't expect as well.
They certainly are, it's amazing what people can come up with. Nintendo has been a bit on thee conservative side when it comes to news of the new console. Most of the news we have gotten is pure speculation, you just have to love it.
In a way I think I would prefer them to be more conservative, as I think that then stops people getting their hopes up too high. how many times in the past have we believed the hype but then when it's been released been left disappointed.
It's difficult to control the hype but it can make or break a product. I think people like to express what they would like to see in a console and that gets mixed with what the console developers announce. This creates this huge snow ball and it will only stop rolling when the console is launched.
You are right and I do also think that confusion sets in when people start talking about what they might want as opposed to what they expect. We all might want different things in a console but that doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to start rumours or create hype that's what's going to happen.

Some of the hype is feasible when you read it, but some of it is just outrageous so it's up to us to use common sense and distinguish between what people want, and what they expect.
I agree but it's not always easy to do so. If you just listen to what Nintendo is saying we have very little to go on. There are always leeks when ever there is a new project but as you said it's not easy to distinguish it from just regular hype.
From rumors the Nintendo NX does sounds like two products, A handheld that can connect to a station to make it a home console, Thats just a rumor we will have to wait till Nintendo tells us what it is.
It seems like the rumor mongers have gone rabid (due to the lack of any official information). They're all over the place! I was originally thinking it could be two different SKUs altogether with the same guts and which played the same cartridges. if someone wanted the "home" version it would like an Ouya/AppleTV type thing with a controller. If someone wanted a "handheld" it would be like a GBA type thing which the same controller layout as the home controller, etc.

However, I recently thought of something different. Imagine a 3DS-type system.... where the 'top screen' breaks off and docks next to your TV for console type gaming. It essentially turns into a WiiU type setup (Im not a fan of the WiiU type gameplay personally; dual screens).

In all honestly, what I really want is a "Super Wii"..
-Wiimotion2 controllers; better motion controls, better speaker
-more powerful hardware which reads carts
-small efficient console
-zelda launch title

(I really miss aiming with the Wiimote like in MP3)


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