What is the future of the PS VIta?


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Apr 2, 2013
I honestly can't understand how Sony missed the mark so much on the PS Vita when they were so successful with the PSP. They seem to have lost touch with what made their previous portable console so successful in the first place which was that it had a huge library of great games. This current version just seems to focus too much on having better graphics and promoting all of the extra gimmicks like touch screen on the front and the back and integrating those into games, which I find highly unnecessary and distracting. I'm pretty sure it is failing now and I can only hope that they will be able to revive this product line because I was really a fan of the PSP.

So what are your thoughts on the PS Vita?
The Vita is great, sure it's not selling as well as it could be in the west, but it's far from being a 'failure'. The PSP didn't do all that great in it's first year either. The price drop in Japan helped move units there. It's only a matter of time before Sony drops the price here and it'll be flying off the shelves then. There are a ton of great titles coming out for it and with the PS4 and all of it's 'synrconization features with the Vita, it'll sell better. I wouldn't call the Vita a failure just yet though.
Good point. I guess that is the normal life cycle of any console which is to first sell it at an expensive price and then watch it take off when they slash it. I hope it picks up with the Western market though, since I think that is one of the biggest proofs developers need to really support it and bring more of an international market into its library. At least I thnk so, I could be wrong. And yes, I agree, I suppose it's still a bit too early to call it in as a failure as of now.
I'm sure once the PS4 launches and they drop the price, even if it's just the price of the memory cards, it'll take off much more then it's already been doing in the west. The price drop in Japan certainly helped move units over there, the same will happen here in the west when they drop the price. :)
I think you're over-reacting. The Vita is a great system and there are a lot of good games either out or on the way. On top of which the ability to access libraries filled with older games for a fairly cheap price is awesome. I bought a Vita right out of the gate and have never regretted doing so, but then I'm fairly young with no children so prices aren't really a thing sometimes.
The future of PS Vita is unknown, and anyone claiming otherwise is not familiar with recent history. PSP was doing very poorly for a long time until the sales picked up, and then it had a tremendous long tail. All it took was an exclusive innovative franchise (Monster Hunter Portable) for PSP sales to pick up, and the same thing can happen to Vita.

Granted, PS Vita battery life is total shit, but if Sony can fix that, sky's the limit for this system.
I was slightly disappointed with the vita, but I think it's only because I had such high expectations in the first place. The graphics are nice but The did focus too much on gimmicks and I suppose it's because portable systems now have to compete with mobile games and the like.
Well, apparently Sony is trying to breathe some more interest into the Vita by tying it in to PS4 usage. That in some ways seem more gimmicky then anything else, but it may very well work. I suppose it depends.
Im not goong to spend 300+ dollars so I can use a PS Vita over a dualshock... Just not worth the money. I think the Vita is pretty much dead unfortunately :( I thought it had sooo much potential!
The PS Vita enjoys reasonable success in Japan and I see that games are still released for it, thick and fast over there. I agree with you that the PSP was a resounding success for Sony as no other manufacturer could ever compete with Nintendo in the handheld market. I think the Vita may have been too powerful for it's own good, giving a near console experience on the go. That's not what most handheld owners want, they prefer games that can be played in short bursts and the 3DS better caters to this.
I have a Vita. It's a great system and I enjoy it a lot. I might buy the slim model sometime in the future.

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