What is the most important thing about a game to you?

What is the most important to you?

  • Characters

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  • Controls

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  • Difficulty

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  • DLC / Extra Content / Updates / Upgrades

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  • Exclusive / Non-Exclusive

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  • Franchise

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  • Gameplay

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  • Genre / Style

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  • Graphics

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  • Microtransactions / Pay-to-Play

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  • Music / Soundtrack

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  • Online / Offline

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  • Originality / Uniqueness

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  • Other

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  • Platform

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  • Popularity

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  • Price

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  • Singleplayer / Multiplayer

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  • Sound Effects

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  • Storyline / Ending

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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U
Pretty self explanatory question. I think that I've covered all of the bases, in terms of responses. However, there is the "other" option, in case I've missed something. I reached the max limit on the number of options, so "other" should work for anything else. Tho, again, I think I've covered everything. So, with that, feel free to share your thoughts, and answers.
I, of course, chose storyline - there are apparently many things I will forgive if given an interesting enough story (looking at you Rule of Rose). That said in order my top five needs for good gaming are:

1. Storyline (not so much the ending)
2. Gameplay
3. Singe player mode
4. Originality
5. Genre

Everything else is strictly secondary in nature - including the characters themselves. I want to be introduced to a new world or given something more of an old one. I want to be able to interact with said world in as many ways as possible, particularly if those ways are new in nature. I would rather not deal with anyone who isn't an NPC. And if it's got a lot to do with horror or stealth that makes it all the better.
The most important aspect to me is the gameplay, closely followed by the controls. I enjoy tight, responsive and elegant control schemes. The characters and overall look of the game are also very important to me. I prefer stylish and cool-looking games, I don't think there's an excuse for developers to make ugly games in this day and age. Story is the least important aspect, unless it's an adventure or rpg where a gripping tale benefits the game.

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