What is with all the hate for GTA Chinatown Wars?


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May 10, 2014
Nintendo DS
I was browsing several other forums recently, and I found a lot of posts criticizing GTA Chinatown Wars, complaining about the odd camera angle and the tedious control layout. I have played multiple play-throughs of this game, and I still have nothing but praise for it. Have any of you guys played GTA Chinatown Wars and felt the same.

I really wish someone would support me, because this game was one of the first GTA games that I actually finished for myself, instead of having somebody help me with the tougher missions, so I feel very attached to it. :(
I don't know why people hate GTA:CW. My friends and I loved it, and played for hours and hours!
It's definitely not the best GTA ever, but it's a great DS game, and very fun to play :)
I think a lot of people hate it just because it departs from the usual 3d GTAS we've been used to. If you look at other games on the DS, you can see it has the capability to render 3d open worlds (even if small), and I guess if someone thought there was going to be a GTA game on DS it would be 3d like the others. The story was also pretty short, and not very good in my opinion.
I think the whole thing is that it's not what people have come to expect from a Grand Theft Auto game. I think people want something like the Vice/ Liberty City Stories or anything like GTA after GTA 4. What a lot of people don't understand is that this is how Grand Theft Auto was originally, and it was a lot of fun.
It feels like a lazy effort in comparison to the other GTA titles. Even in comparison to the FIRST GTA (which I always enjoyed). There were a lot of fun updated ways they could have incorporated things graphically & through game-play but opted to sell this in name alone. Knowing it was just a game in addition to the others & not able to stand alone. This game by any other name wouldn't have made a quarter of what it did make.
It seems that the developers were inspired by the older GTA games that originally came out for the original PlayStation and PCs of that period. These also had the top-down viewpoint but the view was fairly zoomed out and easy to see all the action. GTA Chinatown Wars sort of captures the feel of it's forebears but doesn't quite nail it down. It's not a bad game by any means but it doesn't quite live up to the standard of the franchise.

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