What is your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe film?


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Aug 1, 2015
For me, as unpopular of a choice as it is, the original Captain America film is my favorite. Getting to see my favorite Marvel character on screen for the first time was an experience I'll never forget.
The first two Sony Spider-Man movies are still among my favorites, even though they're not technically in the MCU. Enjoyed Iron Man and Thor too.

I also did not hate the 2003 or 2008 Hulk movies. I thought they were a little cheesy but not terrible as everyone said they were.
None have stood out to me except First Class. I have high hopes for Black Panther though.
@Copen-08 Yeah! I haven't seen Black Panther yet, but i'm exited for it! I haven't read to many marvel comics and i've NEVER read any black panther comics, but i'm still exited to see it!
A Sci-Fi African utopia has not ever been done in a main stream setting that I'm aware of, and the lead character is more like Gun in the last season of Angel then Gun from the 2nd season - something I wish we would see more of in fictional media (Smart black guy who can do shit instead of Thug black guy who can do shit).

While we're on the subject of Black Panther as a character - did anyone know he is the 7th smartest marvel super hero? He is smarter then Professor X, and Cho (Asian Hulk), and right under Blue Marvel who is right under Bruce Banner (White/Old Hulk).

Black Panther has also managed to stop Thanos by himself*

By putting on a helmet that could sever Thanos's head's nerve signals to the rest of his body when he was imprisoned.
@Copen-08 i did not know that! i want to see Black Panther very badly. Im just happy they have starting branching out further. I was sick of Spiderman reboots when there are so many awesome other characters out there.

To answer the question, i have to go with Xmen. At least the story keeps on going forward
This is my first reply on this forum, but for me I pretty much grew up idolizing Iron Man and used to watch the cartoons and even play with his toys. You have no idea how excited I was when the VERY FIRST movie was announced more than 10 years ago.
@Marcel welcome to the forums! The first Iron Man movie was fantastic, and i still think its one of the best they've done. I was sick of Spiderman rebooting over an over and was excited to see something new. Having the perfect Tony Stark didn't hurt the cause either
That's definitely true. Robert Downey was perfect for the role, and I think that this was really his greatest legacy. This was a time before they the grand scheme of things fell into place, and they pretty much launched Iron Man to test the waters and see how much success it would garner and look where they've come today.
I'm not really into the Marvel movies but I did like Deadpool a lot, so I guess that's my favorite?

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