What is your favorite Pokemon?


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
Mine would have to be Bulbasaur/Ivysaur. They are just so cool looking and awesome! :D


As the title says, what's your favourite Pokemon and why do you like it? It could even be more than one Pokemon.

Mine is Vulpix, I love fire types and Vulpix is pretty cute~ :3 And it evolves into Ninetales, which is a pretty good competitive Pokemon. I remember the first time I played Pokemon Red I had a Vulpix nicknamed Scarlet. Then in Pokemon Sapphire I started to transfer it to every Pokemon game I get, it's even in ORAS up to this day. ^_^

I love to use them to confuse my opponents and equip them with Fly so i can travel around.
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My favourite Pokemon is Mew ever since I was a kid. I watched the first movie and fell in love with him instantly. His playfulness, his cute little smile, my favourite part of the movie is when he's sitting in the windmill playing and having fun :oops: (I hope I didn't spoil anyone but it's been like, almost 20 years since the movie came out so everyone probably saw it already).
Then I like Dragonair, Marill and Celebi.
Shiftry, for obvious reasons regarding my name... lol.

I love that it's such a strong and fast pokemon and it has the movepool to completely destroy fire types with rockslide, especially if they use sunny day (passive ability is chlorophyll: double speed in sun). It can learn swordsdance to amp it's already ridiculous ATK stat, it can use knock off, leafblade and suckerpunch to sweep teams. It even looks like a boss. Shiftry is a scary pokemon to face in the games and would be even more tricky to face in the anime world.
Gotta be Ludicolo. It's not that amazing at combat, what with all the grass-type weaknesses, but I'll be danged if I'm not automatically drawn in by a dancing pineapple duck with a sombrero for a head.

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