What is your opinion on Baten Kaitos?


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Jul 16, 2014
Baten Kaitos: The Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean was an RPG game by tri-Crescendo and Monolith Soft that used a card-based battle system. It was well-received by critics, but it is still fairly unknown. Personally, I love the first Baten Kaitos, because it has a unique battle system, awesome music, and beautiful settings. However, Baten Kaitos: The Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean was not without its faults, because I remember that it had terrible voice acting. Currently, I'm playing Baten Kaitos Origins, which is the prequel to the first Baten Kaitos, and I am enjoying it so far. Anyway, what is your opinion on the Baten Kaitos games?
I loved Baiten Kaitos! I decided to go with Gamecube over PS2 when the systems were current, and since I'm a huge fan of RPGs I wasn't going to miss out on Baiten Kaitos. For its time, the graphics were amazing and I loved the music too (still occasionally listen to the soundtrack!). Overall it was just a beautiful game. I don't remember the voice acting being particularly bad, but I don't really have an ear for that. I tend to think voice acting is OK when my friends cringe at it!

Having played so many RPGs over the years, I appreciated the interesting card-based combat system and had a ton of fun with it once I learned how to chain combos with the cards. It's very fun to strategise with this combat system.

Even though the games are a bit dated at this point I still think they are definitely worth a play through. I hope you continue to enjoy Origins!
I'm so glad to find someone else who loves Baten Kaitos! Whenever I ask people about the Baten Kaitos games, they usually never know that the the series even existed. Anyway, I hope I get to finish Origins soon!
I don't own Baten Kaitos but I was really interested in this game when it was previewed in game mags and websites. Eventually I didn't end up buying it because I had a glut of PS2 JRPGs to play though during that time. A friend of mine bought Baten Kaitos though and I played a bit of it over at his place. Like typical tri-Crescendo fare, the game is beautiful to look at but I just didn't enjoy the pacing. Of course that's not a fair assessment because I didn't spend enough time with it.

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